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Debbiedoo's: September 2011


Diy, thrifty home decor decorating ideas on a budget. Painting furniture, stenciling projects. Turning trash to treasure.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The status on the outdoor pizza oven!

We have put our outdoor pizza oven to the test!
I do believe it is ready for friends and family now.  
Of course Alex's girlfriend and another friend were our first testers!
His buddy is Italian and from NY,
he said it passed his approval.

I will tell you it was a lot of trial and error..
our first few tries only ONE was good enough to eat...
My MIL in Buffalo sent us an outdoor pizza oven book and we tried out a recipe last night.

Carmelized onions and blue cheese, just that simple, but OH so good!

I just had the last piece today, COLD, and it was delish!

We also made a traditional basil, sauce and cheese one...

I finally figured out how to roll the dough, which is not that easy...

Who wants pizza now?
come on over..only takes 3 minutes.

If you are new here, read all about the outdoor pizza oven, building process
Have a great day!

  Frugalicious Friday
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Another free wood pallet project!

Gotta love these upcycling of wood pallets!
 Donna if you are reading this, PLEASE tell me how to remove these boards without them splitting!
I had my cute, muscular hubby do it for me, and even he found it difficult.
 He used a crow bar and all?
I have things and ideas swirling for just a few of these and I can't create nothing with the splitting.
Managed to tear apart one here...

All these pallets were free of course.  
Lowes hardware is very kind and generous when giving them, they even help you put them in the car.

So here is my litttle lonely guy...what did I have in mind?

Color and stenciling of course...

This is the year we moved to the Carolinas in this house.

Just had to establish that and nail it to a tree!

If I can get a few more removed I would love to make more and nail them around with different sayings...
Thanks for popping over, and as always your sweet comments.
You girls just know how to make a gals day more than a tad  brighter!


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrift store chair started the Fall decor door area!

More Fall decor,
 this time near the door. I feel like Dr. Seuss!
Near the house?, on the house?, no it is not a mouse, you must come and see!
It started with this little $8.00 thrift store chair I scored at our local humane society.  I have told you before I love checking them out at least once a month.

I loved the little size of it, and I knew it was a sturdy solid wood chair.
Had potential, but exactly what was I going to do?

So with this chair, I have created an entire Fall vignette outside our mudroom.

I painted it with my little itty bit left  of ASCP Arles color.

Did some light weathering....

Added a few pumpkins,cabbage plant, and a little hay for the Fall effect.

Notice I have wrapped some burlap around the plant?
 Last of the burlap too.
Debbiedoo's supplies of paint and burlap are officially GONE!
(insert sad face____:(

I don't think I have anything more to paint at this point...unless I move onto humans!

My first little green pumpkin..what a cutie!

Even my cross got a little light makeover with some ASCP Old white...

And there you have my mudroom outdoor door decor and more.
 The Fall decor door party over at Rhoda's
Happy Fall!

Thanks for stopping by
 and as always your time and sweet comments.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Decorating with Letters and Numbers..guest post.

Hi everyone!
Letter And Number Decor
 On behalf of Arcadian Lighting,
 I have a wonderful post topic of Decorating with Letters and Numbers...

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kitchen Fall wreath

Ok, so to be honest this Fall wreath was not as easy as the other one!
Seriously, the other one was just a throw in to show you how easy a wreath could be if you only have a minute to spare and want to spruce up a door.
 This kitchen wreath,
 there was a tad more thought put in to..

 Ever since I hung the Christmas wreath in the window last year, I like the look of having a wreath per season, at the holiday time especially.
So I decided to hunt and gather and use some

 natural elements on my rustic wreath.

Pine cones, real leaves, bark from trees, acorns

I scared the heck out of one of my neighbors when I popped out of the woods...I apologized of course, but I was on a mission to find just the right stuff!

Cinnamon sticks from my pantry.

Loving my crows from the Martha stewart line

Just playin with my pics now to enhance the look

The little squirrel and owls I bought at Michaels.

I can't wait for the leaves to change.  I think all the colors will be so delightful to look at with the wreath as well.
Thanks for stopping by!

NEWBIE party still going On


WOW us Wednesday

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall wreath! Do you have about 10 minutes to spare?

That's all it took me to make this wreath! 
You have a can of spray paint? Do you have a hot glue gun?

Do you have some faux fall leaves? 
 (told you I like a touch of faux too) !
Then you too can make this!

 In fact, I had the wreath sitting around looking all hum drum and boring, so in between my laundry and cleaning today, I whipped this out!

What more can I say? Easy peasy, Happy Fall!

NEWBIE party going on

My kitchen wreath took me days to make, and I will show you a sneak peek of that...

It was fun though!

Thanks for your visits, I always appreciate it!
I thank you for your kind emails too, I receive so many in a day and I try to answer any and all questions...
if I have not, let me know and I will be sure to get back to you.


Fall Mantel 2011 Newbie party started!~

hey ,hey ,hey there, sorry I am late.
 Been a crazy hectic weekend if you been reading.
Glad to have you here this week for the newbie party.
Finally my Fall mantel is complete!  
I took some different elements from my inspiration a few weeks back you may recall.

I loved the live greenery, which I have a plenty of in our backyard.

And I loved the twigs which I have had this vine for years and never used it.
Glad I hold onto things...
better known as Hoarder!

I also loved the fullness of this last one...

So this is what I came up with....

This stuff (vine) is not fun to work with, finally figured it out!
Also, this old sessions clock is always a decorating dilemma.
You see my husband loves this clock he purchased off of ebay several years ago.
The one time I moved it to decorate the Christmas mantel, the leg broke.
Since then, I am forbidden to move it.

Lots of Fall packed on this mantel...
you know I am not a sparse person!

Look I have my white pumpkins...FAUX of course, I could not wait another second!

Just playing with my pics now....

Our family room is ready for Fall!
The clock seems to work in OK..I suppose there is no choice...unless it accidentally falls off the mantel,
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...JK, I am not that evil! really

Now onto Halloween soon.....
Although, I am just showing this to you now, I have had my Fall mantel up for a while, so we did get to enjoy it.
Halloween is my fun one!
Enjoy the season!

Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.

NEWBIE party guidelines:
Blogging 6 months or less, and/or less than 100 followers.
Love for you to be a friend of mine on google friend connect on my right hand side bar.
PLEASE, turn off Word verification...big time comment deterrent! Please add my link or button to your blog or post.

Thanks for joining in!
Have fun, you are here to make new friends and gain readership....
mingle, mingle,

IF you find you LINK is gone, go back and read my guidelines...thank you.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall decorating with natural outdoor elements!~

Good morning ladies!
(Alex again on the far right)
First off, a HUGE thank you for all of the well wishes and good luck to my son Alex!
Fort Mill band came in 1st place yesterday, pretty impressive for their FIRST competition.
The field conditions were awful as you can see! Kids were slipping and sliding all over.
The dirty knee is actually not because they fell, they had to kneel at one point.

Fort Mill HS band had the largest group, with 153 students in the marching band
 (including color guard)
It was a very, very long day.
 All the bands participating did a phenomenal job!

However, Fort Mill out shined them according to the judging.
We rolled in around 2:30 am, so needless to say not a lot of UMPH! today.

This year with my Fall decorating, I wanted to bring more outdoor nature indoors.
As you know we have a beautiful tree filled back yard.

I made a wreath this year,and I can't wait to share it with you.
It of course was inspired by the great outdoors.

What do you think about decorating with natural elements opposed to faux?
Don't get me wrong, I love my faux here and there, but honestly, I over did it many years back, as I tend to do sometimes.
 I tend to shy away now from not so much.

See you all later on for the NEWBIE party!

I see a lot of you gals are getting the hang of this blogging thang!
Thank you for turning OFF word verification.
I even see my friends out here telling you to turn it off!
thanks all, we will all get the hang of this sooner or later.

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