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Monday, October 31, 2011

Decorating with cloches! {Christmas decorating ideas}

Ok so this is pretty pitiful! I own ONE cloche to my name.  
Our dear friend Marty from a Stroll thru life  is having a cloche party and I so wanted to join in.  I decided what better place to get inspiration than the Pinterest!

I thought with Christmas right around the corner, why not look for some Christmas inspiration.
Pinned Image
This is so cute!
{Martha Stewart}

Pinned Image
{These last three cloches were pinned from pinterest, there was no original source, therefore I do not know where credit is due.  THEY are not mine!}
Look at that little snowman ornament, he is so cute!
Pinned Image

Well I think I found just about all the Christmas cloches I could.
Thanks Marty for hosting.

Last call for my Stencil giveaway,
winner will be announced tomorrow using random.org.

Check out my magazine copy cat challenge still going on
HERE as well.
Some good copy cats out there!

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Magazine copy cat challenge, ready, set, let's GO!

We certainly get inspiration from magazines, and now currently all the blogs we follow.
I found quite a few Christmas inspirations, however, I thought way too early for that.
I did find an online one
from Country Living, I just adored.

I thought, I can do this one, I have the chair, pumpkins, candles, candy corn and a cute little caddy!

so here we go...

First of all it was a very cold and windy day to be lighting candles...surprising, they stayed lit.

My cute little chicken wire caddy filled with candy corns and flowers, and added some napkin rings for a splash more of color.

As you can see I am having fun with some photo shots too....

I wish the leaves were all turned, but not quite yet.

And there you have my simple magazine copy cat challenge.

Thanks so much for joining in on the fun.
This will be a MONTHLY party, so get your thinking caps on for next time, if you missed this time around!
Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Last chance for the 
{$50.00} Cutting edge stencil giveaway
HERESlide Show Image

Between naps on the porch
Sunday showcase
Just something I whipped up
Made by you Monday
A bowl full of lemons

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bittersweet day!

Happy Sunday~~!
Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for our families of Fort Mill High School band.
They  had long awaited for THIS day. 

Although, every competition this year has been undefeated, they have come in first place,and also
made history at the bands of America in Akron Ohio.
Yesterday, Fort Mill placed second in the State, out of 17 other bands in South Carolina.

The band that came in first, are their friendly rivals.
Nation Ford High School, which is also in Fort Mill, South Carolina.
Obviously, a very large talent pool of kids here in one place.
Congratulations Nation Ford! 
Job well done indeed.

Alex and Jordan still smiling, and very proud of their accomplishments.
Of course, they have all worked so hard, and really wanted to be Number one, it is certainly a bitter sweet lesson to be learned in life.  They are clear winners in our eyes.
I wanted to share this video from the Band of America's show in Akron, Ohio.
This is where they made history that will last a life time here.
I think you will be blown away at the fact these kids are just in High School.
The show was Vertigo, based on the Alfred Hitchcock movie.
So yes, at times you see confusion, and spinning, that is part of the show.
check it out!
See you later for the Magazine copy cat challenge.

You may click on the right side of arrows to expand your screen.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've been copied!

Yep, I have been copied out here once again!
And I LOVE it!
When you ladies get your creative juices flowing, and you tell me that I inspired you, I can't tell you how much that means! I go skipping around the house all day long!

Really, it means a lot to me! 
I do have fun, and if nothing else that does shine through! That is the best advise I can ever give..
Be yourself, stay true to yourself, and Have fun!

So Meet Maria Elena!
She is pretty new to the blogging community.

Maria Elena, really liked my kitchen pillow made out of drop cloths.
She did an even better job than I!
Speaking of more copy cats...
my friend JO, really went to the nines for my upcoming Magazine copy cat challenge...
remember this?

Seriously, I was joking...

but you see my friend Jo, she is such a great friend, she wanted to really take it to the next level.
of course Jo, shares more on her copy cat.
 BUT, OH my did I laugh my head off.

Remember the last challenge, where my friend Gail
actually copied my rooster picture that was featured in the mag...
she made her own.

Gail just made this cute little rooster lamp too.

Have a great weekend ladies and gents.
We have  a HUGE day today...
this handsome fella has his last and final performance for State band champs.

{Ohio bands of America, right after they won...
{Fort Mill South Carolina.}

yes, that is Alex's girlfriend, she is all made up and hair updooed for the show.
Fort Mill High School band is undefeated this year, simply amazing.
May the best band win!
Best of  luck to all of them, we will be there on the edge of our seats.

No newbie party on Monday, in lieu of it, there will be my magazine copy cat challenge info found on my side bar.

Don't forget my stencil giveaway too


Friday, October 28, 2011

Stenciled burlap pillow {$50.00 Cutting edge Stencil giveaway}

Happy Friday!
This was a simple stencil project, I thought I would share real fast!
After all, stenciling is such an easy inexpensive way to transform, a room, a pillow, furniture, you name it, it can be stenciled!

What a steal! But what am I going to do with another stinkin pillow?
In the cart it goes...what will happen nobody including me even knows.

Geez, how easy is this to take a plain ole pillow and pizazz it up.

Looks good!

Stenciling on fabric is a real cinch, I have mentioned that before, but I will tell you that again, just in case you are hesitant.

How about a sneak peek at something else in the room, NEW!

It was deal too good to pass up.
I went back to the Homearama event and they were selling all the furnishings and accessories in the model homes.
SCORE! Show you that sometime later on.
{$50.00 cutting edge}
pillow stencils

Don't forget my Magazine COPY cat challenge party will be on Monday.
I look forward to seeing you and your fun copy cats!
Details on my side bar.

Design dazzle
Tricks and tips

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Newbie party highlighted features {Stencil giveaway}

Good afternoon ladies!
Another fine week at the party.
I am meeting so many new bloggers, and the old crew is moving on.
Sad, but happy for them.
Here are a few highlighted newbies that stood out to me.

First time to the party...

Jessie, has a lovely blog and a lovely touch indeed.

Next, meet the lovely and ever so talented 
I met Shannon eon's ago through RMS, I encouraged her long ago to start a blog,
and she finally did!

Shannon will not disappoint.  She is funny too, very energetic and a positive friendly gal!

Next is Zuni!

Zuni's table was a real inspiration.
I am doing Thanksgiving this year as always and really want to set a pretty table

Last feature is Alyssa!

How about these awesome napkin pillows!

Inspired by Pottery barn, and of course done on a dime!

Great party!

THERE will be NO Newbie party next Monday.
In lieu of the party will be a magazine copy cat challenge and you may see the info on my sidebar.

Thanks for all your support.
If I blabbed about you, feel free to grab a blab button, also on my sidebar.

Still time to get in on my
Cutting edge

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Halloween tablescape..{$50.00 cutting edge stencil giveaway}

So I suppose I raised the bar a bit by putting  out there the fact HGTV featured last years Halloween tablescape on their Halloween decorating.
I certainly did not have to run out and buy anything new.
I dug deep into my rubber maids and used what I had.
Shall we get spooked?

My skeleton centerpiece is a must, I love him!

Looks like he has a victim behind him this year....

It's too bad our dinner guests did not care for my meal....

Perhaps next time, they will mind their manners!

That's what he said.....

{I highly recommend these white chocolate candy corn M&M's...
 go ahead, I dare you to eat just one!

My new chalkboard placemats are getting put to good use.

Everywhere you turn you see a skull around here...
pretty scary stuff I tell ya!

Alex and Jack's first Halloween costume...they both looked so cute as a pumpkin...
I will say Alex filled it out a lot more than Jack did, he was a real chub a lub! Almost 10 pounds at birth..

So all in all my table scape was a lot of fun.
I felt a tiny bit of pressure I tell you.  Thank you so much for all the lovely comments.
I know a lot of you were excited to see this year's and I hope I did not disappoint.

Did I tell you I am having a problem with mice this year?

Darn things turn up and scare the heck out of me!

Still time to get in on my
{$50.00 cutting edge stencil giveaway}

Welcome to Cutting Edge Stencils


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