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Debbiedoo's: July 2010


Diy, thrifty home decor decorating ideas on a budget. Painting furniture, stenciling projects. Turning trash to treasure.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What a fun weekend so far!

I have mentioned on a few two, three, ten, occasions that my hubby has reunited with his Dad after many years.  Well I have to say this has been one of the best years of our time together. Our family is completely complete. This weekend Dad and Wife Donna came for a visit. We decided we would take him fishing with the boys on the boat...we also went to the Lake today just because it was a dreary day, but great for fishing day. I thought I would share some pics with you.
This is a rare occasion when Michael and I get a picture together...I think he is just happy this weekend:) I wish it was a better one, but you get what you get.
But of course Alex makes up for the great photos as always...sorry now onto the nice pictures.....
We had a great day yesterday of fishing on the boat...the boys where proud to catch a couple nice cat fish with their Grampa Paul, who was ever so patient.......I told him he never missed much while the boys where little, he is getting the best of times NOW....
Jack tying ever so patiently to actually learn something...you mean he is listening?....COOL!!~
Eating is never a shortage when you come hang out with us...in fact in 2 months I have gained 7 lbs...I was a bit depressed today...and cut back a tad on eating...it is so hard though when you just enjoy life and eating....
This truly is the best BBQ you ever had and so close to home....
It's the real deal down here in the South!
Mike's Dad of course is the guy not looking...he apparently is not a picture guy...oh well....here is some more fishing shots....I have told you it takes a special Mom to boys....yes that would be me....
Notice more band aids for Jack...he fell off his scooter today...unbelievable this kid of mine!

Nice way to end the day though...the boys swinging and talking together overlooking our beautiful lake.  Have a great rest of the weekend everyone....thanks for stopping by.  Debbie

Also I have a question...has anyone actually printed a book yet from blogger? I am so excited to do this at the end o the year.  My blog is so personal( besides the fact of sharing it with hundreds of people a day) I want my boys to have copies of this for themselves, as I share our fun, filled life, and crazy stories along the way. And of course they would love to see all the decorating in print HAHA! .  Just wondering if you have or know someone who has.

Joining Susan this week for outdoor Wednesday


Friday, July 30, 2010

mY neW WOW commercial

Well here it is..... MY... Lame debut of yet another cheesy commercial.  I have to say I like the first one better...CLICK HERE TO SEE. Only because I was able to be a little more silly and fun.  This producer guy was not as fun and energetic IMO and I could not be over the top like in the first one. But none the less it was fun and a great experience.  Hope you enjoy!


Garage Salen Partay #11 Link up, let's roll!

Hard to believe I have been throwing this shin dig for 11 weeks now! I know it is so hot to be garage salen.   However I do hope you  know so many things qualify for this party.  Basically anything and everything  NOT purchased in a retail store.  I thank you all for your participation and as always look so forward to visiting you.  I have a few features from last week I would love to share.
First up...
THE THRIFTNESS blog spot,  she really Rocked this cradle!

Next up, my young friend Betty! She has such a good eye, and I think it is so cool for such a young age to be interested in this stuff....I know when I was her age, I had no interest at all.
Last Up my thrifting friend Angela this gal travels high and low to find some good deals.  I would go check out her blog, it is sure to be adventurous.
https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEjEA9ECA2PhuiyXv1Bom0YrKj71ZmcglQ9Hc-UzRsiShfySonsunYPU-GKQ3MUCSMkJk2MEbiGC9YafFyIE631cfJFSlj2LmfQo8248eMC8IM92bHPKZCeFUwp2Ll31jsZxrj5gDFSEDL0/s320/100_0737.jpg NOW, my score for the week! $3.00! Yep, I am such a big cheap spender as you have already figured out!
This is an old travel alarm clock.  It reminded me of my Grandfather, who had a thing for clocks and watches....I just had to have it...and because it was blue it goes perfectly in our guest bedroom.

Let the party begin....thanks again so much for your participation.  I realize there are so many parties to chose from out here, and I do realize mine is not the biggest nor the best. HOWEVER, I will say my party is utterly charming with the participants.  You are all so polite, encouraging and kind to one another.  In other words it is a quaint party!  I would not have it any other way. I want you all to get to know one another and establish friendships as I have done the same.
Joining in on a few parties myself this week.
http://romantichome.blogspot.com  SHow and tell Friday with Cindy


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainbow summer school with Miss Jenny!

I literally just whipped this post out in 5 minutes....why because I am a BROWN noser and never want to disappoint  Miss Jenny Matlock's Alphabet party! And wow have you seen her giveaway? Well if you have not you should go check it out...you too could have a chance.  Giveaway or not I love this party.  It has made me BELIEVE I am smarter than I knew or gave myself credit for. So this week, is a little different, it is Rainbow summer school and you must feature the color RED!As most of you know we are from Buffalo New York...and yes we are loyal fans to the BUFFALO BILLS football team....you know the team who went to super bowl five times and never won? Well there is no other fan like a Buffalo Bills fan! perhaps it is their patriotic color uniforms...RED white and Blue. I have managed to find a few more vacation pictures to share as well and also my boys last year Christmas picture in their Bills Jersey.
With a face like this, a mother can't help but Love her little BOY!
And with a face like this, a Mother can't help but love her teenage son!
This one single picture took forever, my BOYS hated every minute of it! This was my Christmas card 09.(red, red and more red) Have I mentioned I love being a MOM to two boys? Well I am....

Well for a five minute whip up....I pulled it together for Miss Jenny!!~ Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to visiting the rest of the class.


Our South FLorida home and more VAca

Most of you know we moved to the Carolinas from South Florida...in which we resided there for 9 years.  Being from Buffalo New York where YES the winters are long cold a blustering snow, I always knew I wanted to leave there someday.  Well South Florida was never for me.  Never had that warm fuzzy feeling in a home that I so desired.  Homes basically all looked the same.  We had a lovely home there, and really tried to make it unique.  While visiting a close friend in our old neighborhood I managed to sneak over and take some pictures. Jack my youngest was a little sad.  I could understand, as that was where he was born and grew up until he was 5 years old.  We miss our friends and family very much.  However, never have had ONE day of regret....we absoltely LOVE the Carolinas...this is home:)
We where the only home in the entire community with a water feature such as this one....I can't get over how big my crown of thorns grew. Funny everything is in the same exact spot as when we left it....like that blue planter you see....and a hanging orchid in the tree.

This was our pool that we had built.  We planted all the landscaping along the perimeter for privacy...looked like it grew a lot in four years.
OK this was a shock when I walked back there....funny thing when the young couple bought our home they had no children....since then they now have TWO boys....do you think I left my boy energy there?  Well they have certainly utilized what little back yard there was.
Now this is hilarious.....Mike always wanted a Magnolia tree.  Here in the Carolinas they are of abundance and HUGE I might add.  We planted this tree atleast 7 years ago, it is smaller than when we planted it LOL!
How about I show you just a little more of the vaca....next up is my favorite South Florida home decor store....called Andeans....that is where I purchased my kitchen table and many other unique pieces.  I only took a few pictures as it was too hot, and honestly I was not impressed with them anymore...there where still the same things as when we left.
Very colorful!
How about I show you the hotel we stayed in...so much fun!
Taking a drive along the ocean A1A
Out to dinner one night with the family...we have four generations here.
My BFF Michele over for Dinner one night at her house....check out her cool fat Boston terrier Buster, my husband adores this dog
Jack stitches and all at the beach......
Hey I told you before I left I was hoping to spot a hottie at the beach....well I did!!~ Have a great day everyone and hope you enjoyed your tour!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Be our GUest? Lots of fun changes!

 I have had this old gold lamp that was a gift from my Mom many years ago, about 13 to be exact.  I decided it was outdated and in need of  a change.  Not sure as to what I wanted exactly, I started off with my color choices. First I wanted to show you some inspiration lamp shades....
THis is so cute, I really love the pattern and the simple ribbon and pretty flower. This was my inspiration to the poppy lamp I redid in my kitchen. HERE you can see that makeover.
This is a fantastic website I found with so many inspiring ideas.....http://www.homeworkshop.com
Now that I have shown you some really cute fun ideas, here is what I came up with.  I started with this BEFORE
 Pretty lamp, however my guest room is kinda fun and whimsy like...this really does not fit the bill.......soooooo......after two days of thinking what I wanted.....I decided to dress it up Like ME!~ I created my very own personal lamp shade dressed up the way I love to dress....I dig the Bohemian styles and have always felt kinda hippieish.....this lamp took me a long time to do.  Although not perfect, I was OK with that, because hippies really do not look all neat and tailored all the time either.  Hope you like it!~
I started off with my inspiration, that as I mentioned took me two days to figure it out.  I love when I see everyone adding burlap, fringe, beads, I really do like it, but that just was not me.......
I knew I liked this flower.....again whimsy and cute.....
So I started to paint little flowers all over.....First I painted the lamp my base colors, shade brown, base blue.
Still was a little blah.....I then added the center for added texture......
I then decided my lamp needed  a little belt...because I never leave home without a belt either, So I cut the inside of my pillow sham ever so carefully.....I then tied it around the base and fringed it up.....

I also never leave home without a necklace, so my lamp needed that too..........
And this is the guest bedroom in which it resides! I do not see lampshade design in my future, but I did have fun, and I will say it truly is a one of kind!~ THIS is the BEDROOM BEFORE my new curtain panels
 I had sheers and valances in here as you can see, and they never have been right or to my liking, it was time for  a simple change....I just love the AFTER
Af These are another line from Better home and gardens...they are fully lined, and where only 16.97 a panel...which is very reasonable in my opinion.

 As you can see the room is not that large.  I bought the little dresser here to put the TV on it for guests....I love it.  It is all hand painted and we purchased that at World Market for 79.00.  A little more than I like to pay, but the workmanship on it is so pretty, I could not pass it up....and look how fun it is in the room.
This beautiful round metal art work was purchased at Marshalls last year for 12.99...what a steal, and it is very unique.  I copied it from my Mom who bought one in Buffalo....I was lucky enough to have found one here.  I was thinking about painting it....perhaps my favorite blue.

This light that is above the TV....my husband bought for me many years ago.  When we lived in South Florida we would window shop down in Palm Beach...because that is all we could afford to do  down on Worth Ave.  Well I spotted this light, and loved it.  He surprised me for my Birthday one year, and I have cherished it ever since.  I had it in my kitchen in South Florida, and although it really does not go in here....I made it work.
My cousin bought me this special cross.  She lives in Arizona, and I just love this too!~ Can you tell I really love my stuff?  It all has such sentiment value to me really is all. You can also see my chair redo that I put in our guest room.
This sign is the first thing you see when you walk in the guest bedroom.  I regret to tell you all, I am booked for the entire summer.  You may be able to get in here come Fall.  Please check back:) Hope you enjoyed the tour, and my new lamp redo.
These are table candle sconces, that I thought would look cool as art work....they add a little unexpected to the wall.....I had the word art there already so I hung them flowing with the words.

Linking to some fun parties this week:
The CSI project party


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