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Debbiedoo's: August 2010


Diy, thrifty home decor decorating ideas on a budget. Painting furniture, stenciling projects. Turning trash to treasure.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getter done! Before and After Partay started!

Project mode big time over here at Debbiedoos!!~ It takes me a solid week or longer just to do a few room Fall changes. I bought this comforter set Better Homes and Gardens with the intentions of using it for Fall. Now some may say or think it is more Spring and Summer, however I really liked the colors and knew I could warm it up by adding chocolate browns. My room was in disaster mode when I started this project yesterday.  I think I am finally finished.  I needed one more final touch, and I thought of it today, came home did my mini project and added to it. I realize my taste may not suit everyone's liking...it is not intended too really.  It is to inspire you to think outside the box, with accessories, colors and style.
Decisions Decisions....I have a thing for pillows, was not sure which one I wanted to use.
So I went onto another project in the meantime......same shade like I just bought from the Walmart for 7.00, I also bought this pretty blue base for 10.00. This was the final touch I needed.
Of course I had to embellish just a tad on this one.  I used orange silk yarn, like you use to make a scarf and wrapped that around the top base.  Added some pretty silk greenery.
And that is the end result.
Looks real pretty lit too!
I finally found a home for my mirror. It is on my side wall next to the bed. I am not sure how I really like it there...I tried over the bed, and it is too small.
Love my new little votive candles from Hobby lobby...set of three for $3.50.
Close up of my new bedding. As I mentioned from Better home and Gardens collection. King size set for 79.99...included shams and bedskirt.  Awesome quality too.  You see, I am not one to keep the same bedding all year round, I change out per season, I have 4-5 sets now, and to be honest that is all I have room for barely in my closets. I have to buy those space savers TOMORROW MOM!!~
So let me know what you think....as I mentioned I had every pillow combo and color, and this was my final decision.

My Link will be up come tomorrow for my Before and After party, this is the post I am using......
See ya then!!~ Thank you as always for stopping by.
Joining Marty for her tabletop Tuesday
Thrifty decor chick for some Fall features
Linda over at COastal charm for Nifty thrifty Tuesday

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lampshade Before and After

I found this cute lampshade marked down at Walmart for 7.00.  I really liked the shape and texture. Of course much too plain for my liking, I thought with my FAVORITE season approaching I would FALL it up a bit.  This is the first of my Fall decor...much more to come.
I really like the texture.
What a cute touch...easy too, I just hot glued the leaves, made a little bow with twine and stuck it in the center.
As you can see I took the twine and wrapped it just around the top some.
How easy was that? EASY!~ Those are the only craft projects I know how to do, the easy ones!
Don't forget about my Before and After Party coming up Wednesday. I look forward to all your projects.
Joining a few linkie parties:

Entering in the CSI Fall Challenge
Visit thecsiproject.com

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

GARAGE salen party #14 meet and greet Buffalo Bill


Hi everyone, Hope all is well and you are looking forward to the weekend. I am as  Mike is off this weekend and I always look forward to spending quality family time together. I may have mentioned recently Mike celebrated his 45th Birthday.  Mike is a nostalgic type of guy. He loves things that are kitchy and conversation pieces, and that have meaning. He is so not generic and really likes things that are UNIQUE.....
( Hence, that is why he married me). My Mom sure knows him well, in fact she does better at the gift buying than I do. They have very similar tastes when it comes to food and antiques, and just in general. My Mom loves her son-in-law there is no doubt about it, and he loves her too! Well she found the coolest little bank for him at an antique store and I thought I would share it for my party today. If you do not know already We are original from Buffalo...Better known as Buffalonians, or known here in the South as HALF backs!....and YES we still route for the Buffalo Bills! A recent find by my MoM for Mike's birthday was this cool little Buffalo Billy Bank.

FIRST a brief HISTORY on the Bank
The Buffalo Savings Bank building is a majestic focal point in Buffalo and its banking history. Its design and sensibility toward the city around it easily outstrip those of its modern neighbors on Main Street.
The bank was chartered in 1846 as the first savings bank in the city. Among the founding trustees were Millard Fillmore, who became the 13th president on the United States and Nathan Kesley Hall, who became Postmaster General.
I remember this bank well as a child...the big clock would fascinate me....
K...now onto the cool find.
Meet Buffalo Billy. He is a little piggy bank.  Mike was thinking he must have been given to kids back in the day when they opened a savings account (those were the day huh?) We could not find any history on the piggy bank.
He sits proudly on Mike's pub!
Next to a picture of my Dear Grandfather when he was in the Service.
Now that I have mentioned we are still fans of the Buffalo Bills....it goes along with my theme for Miss Jenny'sRainbow Alphabet party. COLOR BLUE!~ My son Jack pretty much lives in his Jersey and the colors are Blue and red.

Here is a picture of Jack in his Jersey along with my cutie pie sister.
I know I shared one 2009 X-mas picture of the boys, but here is a different shot of both of them in their Jerseys.  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you can join me this week in My weekly GARAGE salen party. I have so much fun looking at all your fun finds.

Sorry my Link is up early, I hit publish by mistake and I do not want to go back and edit....so we are starting the party early this week...it will run til Monday:) Thanks again.
Joining in with
And Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"And the survey said"

 This is really just a quick little survey, and  that is if some of you all remember.  I have a mixed group of followers some with kids my own age, some empty Nester's, some school teachers, etc......
My son Jack just started fourth grade. First assignment yesterday was to write numeric numbers in cursive. Well guess what? He only touched upon it toward the end of last year.  To the lack of my awareness, he really should know somewhat how to do this.  Do you recall when you learned cursive? My older boy informed me he started to learn in second grade. Of course we were in a different school system. The teacher did reassure me he is NOT the only one. There are a handful of kids that will be working in small groups now to catch up on this. Just thought I would put this out there and see what y'all had to say.
For the record my cursive handwriting is mediocore at best. My husbands, terrible, and my older boy terrible.  How is your handwriting?
Sad to see that in our generation we write very little. No more hand written letters, no more hand written reports, etc.....I think the kids are missing out in a way...what do you think?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunflowers, and spiders ah ha!

According to "TeleFlora", The sunflower is the 3rd wedding anniversary flower and the state flower of Kansas.. Sunflowers turn to follow the sun and their open faces symbolize the sun itself, conveying warmth and happiness, adoration and longevity! So, if the person you are buying them for is a cheerful, happy go lucky, "ray" of sunshine, the sunflower is a perfect gift and a thoughtful one as well!

Now that Fall will be fast approaching...I am thinking of all new kinds of fun ideas for my Fall decorating. However one of the simplest things to do, is spread some beautiful sunflowers around your home. Here are some pictures from last year I thought I would share.
While I am at it, I will share just a few snippets of last years Fall and Halloween FUN!~ You gals may as well get used to seeing Fall decor from me, because I am fixin to be in that mode very soon.

I sooooo can't wait!
Joining Marty today for her Tabletop Tuesday party
and Susan for Tablescape Thursday
Thrifty decor chick for some Fall inspiration

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SuGar and spiCe and EverYthing NiCE

Been in the process of cleaning out my pantry. I decided I was tired of pulling out flour bags, sugar, etc....
I bought these cheapo cracker jars at the Walmart and thought I would cutsie pie them up.
Made some cute labels.......

Of course Modge Podge came into play. Found some great inspiration pictures in my Magazines Elle decor...they I have mentioned before are the best for pictures.
And there you have a great project for under $10.00 and I am getting organized in a cute kinda way!

Joining Susan and a few others for their featured parties.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garage salen #13

Top of the Friday Morning to you all!!~ This party almost did not happen this week.  It has been a crazy busy week for us around here. As you know the boys started school this week. Aside from the gazillions of paper work and the kidney donation to the school I also had two social outings with friends.  Left me little time for much else. However, I decided to feature something I did early on in my blogging career...it was a very cool find at an antique store.
Can you guess what it is?
You guessed correctly!

My husband noticed it from a far and I loved it.  And I thought at 40.00 seemed like a good price to me.  I have since priced them out, and they go up to as much as 300.00.  Regardless it goes perfectly in our home, and again another cool conversation piece! I would also like to give a shout out to all the awesome  and courageous firefighters we have today! What a job, and they do it so well, without hesitation to rescuing lives! WOW, what would we do with out them? Do you know any firefighters?

NOW onto a few features from last weeks party!!~ Every week I seem to meet new blogging friends and see some awesome finds. I am amazed at how many women are out here blogging, creating and sharing unique and savvy ideas!~ I love it, and thank you all for participating. You know the gig! Link back to me, be courteous and visit a few other gals as well. 
 Next score..... my friend Linda finds the greatest trinkets, and glass ware...she has just about every color too!

I just loved this next find from VINTAGE southerner...pretty color

Hope you all enjoy the party! And check out the blogs too that I featured, they will be glad you did!

I am also joining Chari for Sunday favorite...go and check it out!
Also joining Rhonda.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green with envy...

 As well you should be green with envy as today was the first day back at school for my boys!~ Was I happy? YES AND NO!!~ I was happy because they clearly were starting to get bored at home.
We however, had a wonderful summer. We saw lots of movies, went to the waterpark/amusement park once a week, went fishing, swam in the lake, and had lots and lots of visits with friends and family.
But now it's time to hit the books! I have to say both boys where excited to get back to school!~ They both have awesome teachers, and exciting things ahead to look forward too.  Here is a little :Green recap of our summer!!~Miss Jenny I did not think I was going to make your class today...but being the loyal student I try so hard to be....I made it! Thanks for hosting your rainbow alphabet party.
Jack sure turned into a master fisherman...well not quite but he is working on it.
He at least learned to be patient, taught well by his Grampa Paul!
Even Alex got a little into fishing this summer...he also made a new friend that day.  Do you think they bugged this guy much? YES they did...lucky he was kind and patient...Grampa type of guy!

And we sure ate some good food this summer! Hence the 10 pounds I now need to lose! Working on it now though.Do you have a Rita's custard near you? YUMMO.  Anyhoot, I even got to do a few green projects this summer...of course this was the BEFORE table.

 Enjoyed watching my Garden grow.........

 I sure enjoyed watching Jack and his friend learn to be creative as well. My kitchen was a disaster this day with clay and paint, but these boys had a blast!

First day of school all dressed in Green, my handsome now 8th grader Alex!!~ He advised me that tomorrow he plans on looking super spiffy....hmmmm...I wonder, wonder why??

Couple more things for the road folks.  My last post on the Before and After mirror you asked the color....
I will do a tutorial of what I did soon....this was however my base color.
Before and After party still going on HERE

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