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Debbiedoo's: December 2011


Diy, thrifty home decor decorating ideas on a budget. Painting furniture, stenciling projects. Turning trash to treasure.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Take a poll for 2012....

Good morning everyone! I thought I would put out a poll to my readers/friends and see what you girls would like to see on my blog, MORE of, or, Less of.
There are only a few questions, and all are confidential, I don't even know who takes the survey...so you can be mean if you want too LOL. Hopefully not!~
Thank you!

Wishing you all the very best in 2012!
Thank you for all your support and kindness throughout the year.

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Newbies recap of 2011! Newbies need to shine too!

Hey there! while we are at it...I thought I would feature the newbies of 2011 most viewed links.  This took me a bit to go through, but here are the top 11 one for each month!
My Newbie party 1st year anniversary is in January.
So let's take a trip down memory lane...

# 1
Pam's kitchen island makeover was the most viewed post at that party.

I was kinda sad going through the links.
A lot of newbies gave up, and are no longer blogging.
I am happy all my features are still blogging away!

Next my friend Dawn, whom I met of course through the newbie party are still good blogging buds.

She is still going strong too..and a very near and dear gal and friend.

Ann, a another dear, who still tells me all the time how much she misses this party.


another fantastic girl!
I sure am a lucky duck to have made such awesome friendships too!


She rocks, that sums it up!



How ironic, she is number 8 on the list, and her project has the number 8..hmmmm.




 #12 too be featured next week.

WOW, that was some recap of the Newbie year.
Funny thing... I noticed  some of the party links {let me clarify, none that I featured here}
are still participating, even though you have met your 100 and are past 6 months.
NOW, ladies and gents, I am NOT the newbie police, just the host....I really do not want to see that.
It takes a lot of time and effort for newbies,to link up and create posts.
Let's keep the party what it is. Newbies 6 months or less, and/or less than 100 followers.
Oh, and there were others I could have featured that were most viewed, however, you did not have my button or link. Sorry, that's a bummer.
Don't forget to add the hosts link OR BUTTON..TO YOUR POSTS.
Thank you:)

Feel free to add my crow button to you blog.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

My new burlap picture frame, had another "secret" message!

Burlap picture frame
Happy Friday! and Happy almost New year 2012 to you all!

It has been a wonderful week of wraps and reviews and I have so enjoyed catching up and seeing things I perhaps did not see prior on your blogs!
This post is short and sweet.
In fact, I could not have planned this even if I wanted too...
But I think it was a sign for sure,
To Love, and to be loved.
I love candle light, so romantic, and so pretty. Not to mention, we all look better in candle light...{just sayin}
Well last night I had some lit in our bedroom..and when walking in the room...
I noticed this..

Right next to the picture...
Mike and I were both tickled by this!  Of course, my immediate reaction was, I must grab my camera and take a picture!
I take terrible night shots, but you can clearly see the Heart on the wall.
Just thought I would share.
It certainly was a sign, to LOVE one another.
Peace, Love and Happiness to you all in 2012!

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Magazine copy cat challenge, wrap up of 2011...and one in the making!

Looks like there are wrap ups and year in reviews going on everywhere. 
 I have put one together for the Magazine copy challenge for the year.  I also have one coming up for the Newbie party as well.

I am thinking it is almost time for another challenge soon.  How about you copy cats? Are you thinking of the next one yet?

                                      White weathered hutch was the ultimate views of the year!

Her little terrarium was quite the hit.

Then there is Debbie from Refresh style, that never disappoints in this challenge..
she does an amazing job!

Sonny blew us all away with this one...

another talented copy cat!

WOWZA, her front porch is gorgeous

These are the most viewed posts from the copy cat challenge.
It is a small, yet very intimate and engaging partay!
Hope to see you at the next one!

How about we mark our calendars for January 23rd?

I think this gives us plenty of time to browse some magazines!

You may grab my cute little button and add it to your side bar if I crowed about you.

I still need to add the html codes, but we all know how to link a button by now right?
OK...signing off for the night gals.
Have a good one.

If you are new here and NOT sure what this is all about...read
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY home projects that made for a lot of comments...{who would think}?

Yesterday I shared with you a recap of my favorite top diy home projects.  How about I share with you the MOST viewed posts on my blog to date! Then go on to the most commented posts.
Thanks Rosemary for the inspiration on this post!
This is not something I would have done or thought to share.
Our Home tour with 8,099 views to date.
You may view that post 

I keep this post on my sidebar and I still get a lot of views.  Perhaps you may want to put a little home tour post together of your own. Everyone loves Home tours!
{thank you}
Now I will go on to show some more of my MOST viewed posts.
Second, was my Chalk paint posts,
that you may view

Next, and surprisingly was my recent
Holiday Magazine copy cat challenge...

 It sure was a HOPPING party.
You may view that party post
Then there was our 2011 Christmas mantel....

View our Christmas mantel 

Now how about I share with you some of the most commented posts.
Some I am not including, if they are NOT project related, etc.
I have blabbed about a lot of things and have had thought provoking coffee talks, that have also gathered a lot of thought and comments.

Some are redundant and are the same as most viewed, so I will go to the next ones...

My Trash to treasure project received 116 comments.
You may view that in full 

My Mod podge project

You may view the tutorial and post

Whimsy in the garden was a big one too...

Funny to see how much has changed since then...
this post received a 114 comments.
I was only blogging for a few months when I posted this.
It sure was a a lot encouragement for me.
You may view that post


I am starting to see a trend here...y'all really like my outdoor posts!

Some of my tablescapes have also received a lot of comments,
this Vivacious red being one of the tops..

You may see that post'

I think this one shocked me the most...

at 90 comments on a lampshade that took me all of 5 minutes to come up with.
To think I was almost embarrassed to hit publish on this one.

You may view that post and tutorial

I have to say this was a lot of fun digging back in my archives.
Hope you newbies of mine had fun looking back too, these are posts you have never seen before, and some of them are from my early on days of blogging.
Fun to also see my photography improve some, and my decor LOL!
This table here was a little wire rack I purchased at Walmart and spray painted it.  It did me good for the time I had it!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top {diy} home projects 2011 {crafts, painting furniture, stencils}

My favorite 2011 diy home projects all in ONE!
Kick back, take off your shoes, grab a cuppa joe, your going to be here a while.
I had 430 posts in 2011!
Seriously, I did not even realize that until I was putting this post together.
YIKES, that is a whole lotta posts.

I started off January 2011, very motivated and ready to inspire, and be inspired.
I started hosting the weekly Monday newbie party...which is still going strong and I am very happy with all it has done to help newbie's get started.

Projects have been a many this year...
Stenciling, burlap, pallets, just to name a few...
let's take a look at some shall we?

You may view many more stenciling projects

Then I moved on to the big leagues, and started painting furniture, using Annie Sloan chalk paint...
{you may click on that link to take you directly to my favorite stockist}

These are just a few samplings..
You may view many more

Moving on to Spring...

I started hosting my monthly Magazine copy cat challenge..
{one coming up soon TBA}
I was inspired to do IT, after looking at the back of Country Woman magazine and thinking, hey I can copy that pretty image.
 Then there was this pretty table scape in the summer...
You may view more copy cat's

 In March 2011, I received a phone call from Country Woman magazine. They wanted to feature our kitchen...is this a JOKE?
NOPE you may read about that

By the time Summer rolled around, I was in full swing, stencil high, Love

Nothing was safe from the hands of me and a stencil.
Lightbulbs started flickering like crazy in my head...

Burlap was also a big kick of mine...

I was burlaping{not a word I know}
 everything in my site...
you see I tend to over do it sometimes.

Now we were ending the Summer projects, and I decided to move outdoors...

Mike and I had put off a much  needed back yard makeover.
It was TIME!

Our outdoor area went from this...which was very nice and rustic...

to this...

We took on the job of building an outdoor pizza oven...
You may see the details of that
I can tell you for certain, it was worth every blood, sweat and tear shed, and yes, we shed all three!

Moving off of Summer now and into the Fall season.
Fall is my ultimate favorite time of year......

October is one of my favorite months.
I found out HGTV had featured my last year Halloween table
scape on their decorating ideas site.

{Still loving chalk paint btw as you can see from this cute outdoor chair.}

Somewhere in between here, I discovered my love of pallets...

For the record these flowers are still growing and look amazing...

Then from November on...

we have had Holiday gatherings and family, fun time.

{Savannah, GA}

I have enjoyed playing and learning new tricks with my camera, and still learning every day.

I really like this picture, although nothing special...beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Not sure what 2012 will bring.
I am only looking for good health, peace, love and Happiness...
what the rest will be, will be.
I can probably guarantee I will NOT have 430 posts.

Thank you so much for your friendships, your kind visits, your wonderful emails, and in general just being here
at my blog.  There are so many talented and inspiring women out here..and I am flattered you take the time to come over to little ole debbiedoo's and show me some LOVE!

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