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Debbiedoo's: April 2010


Diy, thrifty home decor decorating ideas on a budget. Painting furniture, stenciling projects. Turning trash to treasure.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BoYS bathroom TrAnsformation

My boys bathroom is Jack and Jill style, which is nice, they each have their own space to mess up! Their bathroom also is used for X-tra guests so I like to keep it simple and clean.  I found some pictures of my boys when they where small.  I loved to toldake those candid bath tubs shots, they where so cute!~ I made some black and white photos and found some cheap distressed frames at Walmart.  I think it looks cute and it was all done on a budget of 50.00, that includes a new shower curtain, towels and a rug.  I bought the shower curtain from Walmart and it is the Better Home and Gardens collection. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me your nice comments.  I appreciate each and everyone and will be sure to visit your blog as well. Notice all my before pics where taken with my old camera. The new camera makes all the difference, It is A Kodak Z915 10mega Pixels, and I love it.  Not too expensive either.  My Mom bought it for me for my Birthday. Thanks Mom!~ This bathroom is hard to photograph only has one window, and is a U shaped, you can enter from my older boys room and then go out to the loft area.....Hope I gave someone a cute idea to use in their bathroom on a budget!~


 ALex in the tub when he was 2, adorable!
B for Bath, Boys whatever way it works!
Jack around 2 years old as well in the tub! These where great  distressed
frames I found at Walmart for $10.00

I had my husband change out the builder light last year to this, it kinda has that retro effect, purchased that at Lowes $39.00, what a great deal!
Very simple transformation that perked up the space and made it a little more whimsy and fun in the bath.  Don't know how thrilled the boys are that there are pictures of them in the tub when they where small, but they have not said anything to me yet.

This can we bought when we first moved here, we found it at an old thrift shop and thought it was cute...works great in the bathroom.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ThiS is For THe Birds!.

This weekend my family and I took a trip to Raleigh -Durham North Carolina.  We had an awesome trip and I will be sharing that with you soon.  On the way home I had a creative thought.  SOme years ago I brought my Mom and Sister to a little tea house in Florida.  I remember walking up to this charming little home and seeing the most adorable bird feeders.  Well that was at least 8 years ago, and time has gone by and I never got around to making one.  That was until today.  Yes, after our trip, I threw in some laundry, watered my plants, ran to the grocery story and the Dollar tree.  I bought some clear vases that I painted them with some left over spray paint.  I asked my awesome hubby if her would mind running up to Lowes to get me some gorilla glue and dowling sticks.  I had this fun project complete within an hour!~ Really hoping the birds like them.  They have added just a touch more whimsy that I was looking for in my Garden. This project cost me a total of $10.00!
I have a lot of tea cups, and I thought I would use them, I do not think these are super good ones, at least I am hoping not, because they are glued together now with GORILLA GLUE
oops I see the paint ran, I will have to touch that up tomorrow....I even glued the spoon to the saucer
I hot glued the stones, it was faster that way, gorilla glue takes some time to set



Friday, April 23, 2010

Putting My SecrEt poweRs to The TeST

 You may also view more of my outdoor projects...I have some great outdoor transformations here, all using spray paint, went from DRab to Fab! Hope you enjoy!

I am not a gardener, never was.  My Mom and Grandmother however, are and where very good!~ My Grandmother could grow Rose bushes like not other.  SHe was the envy of all in the neighborhood.  My Mom, she can grow anything she touches, she is just amazing! Well this year I decided to put my secret powers to the Test, and I willed My Garden to grow.  So far it is working, and I wanted to share some snippets with You all!~ Now don't mind my Secret Power head Gear, and Don't laugh, I was very Serious about This.  Please enjoy my garden preview.  I also tried some topsy turveys this year and can't wait to get some tomatoes, when I cast the spell on the plant a couple of weeks ago, I was a little apprehenisive, but WOW they are going crazy already.
This is my before garden,
 very typical of what I do to plants, NO MORE I took a stand! and cast my spell................

I bought this cute butterfly from Michaels, not sure what to do with it, so I stuck in my planter
Oh look another can of Krylon different color, I had some left over from another project and thought I would not waste the can,  I decided to paint my planters

These even came back from last year, it was like magic

I should have some herbs and tomatoes in no time

This one is suppose to attract humming birds, I just cast my spell on this one yesterday, nothing yet!

hundreds of buds waiting to open, anyone know the name of this?

Jasmine vine growing on the front of my house, it is going crazy now.  So in case you where not a believer, anything is possible, I even made my Garden grow this year!~ My Gram would be proud of me, and MOM I know you already are, even if  I did not follow in your gardening foot steps.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RMS didn't like it but I do!~ DecOratiNg usIng PlAtes

Why pick this post? Because I am proud of me for staying true to myself and honest with you. I have been wanting to  write a little about an experience I once had on the decorating site RMS/HGTV.  Most of you may be familiar with this site.
OnCe upon a time in the Month Of NOvember 2008, Miss Debbie was watching HGTV, not once, not twice, but all the time. 
I saw this Show hosted by this dude named Angelo called Rate My space.  The show was pretty neat so I thought I would check out the website.  I anxiously uploaded up my kitchen pictures, a bit nervous I will say,  yet excited to see what my reviews would be. I was pleasantly surprised, and receiving some nice feedback and opinions. I in turn, as time went on,  spent my free time helping others.At times private pictures where being sent to me and I offered up suggestions, and was so happy to do so. I met some wonderful, talented women, who encouraged me often to start my own blog. I thought no way could I, I do not know what I am doing on the computer.  
Funny, I will not allow my boys to utter the words CAN'T do it!~ Yet I did not have the confidence in myself. That since has changed, and I feel confident enough to take risks. As the saying goes, no risk no reward.

I made some wonderful connections on RMS.  My gal pals on RMS slowly but surely jumped on the blog wagon after I started mine. They certainly saw the fun I was having, and I am still encouraging more to do so!~  I seriously thought in the beginning, what would I have to offer to the blogging community that is not already out there?  And who would want to read? and see my projects or my home, and my painting and re purposing jobs?  I mean I am a nobody out here...(not really I am a super star did you see my commercial? or Oprah audition?)  I am a minor celebrity in my town NOT   All kidding aside. 
My experience on RMS is what lead me to blogging.  I cannot not be happier.  I would have never met or read any of your stories, and made the connections that I have.  
  I did receive on a time or two, or three some  rude comments on RMS.
   My creative spirit was not broken, it in fact was driven.

Moving on to my actual reason for this post. Ha you thought when the hell is she getting off her soap box!?~
One of my thousands of  download on RMS was my bedroom, which is always changed up per season. However, the poster and plates are always part of the change.  I love to decorate using plates, why? Because they add color, texture and to me the unexpected art.  Not to mention we all have plates, and they are inexpensive way to add flair to a room.
With vintage plates, modern plates, all the shapes and sizes, I do believe you can achieve  really unique wall art by incorporating them.  I remember all too well the first negative comment I received regarding my plates on the wall in my bedroom....it went something like "Plates on the bedroom wall that, is stupid???" I started to question myself, and think wow is it stupid, why do I like that?  I came to the conclusion and obvious rational that of course my taste would not suit all, and at the end of the day, I still liked them, and continue to have them, however, I change them out per season, so now I have even  more Plates~~ So suzie77 you never did change my mind..
Oh and may I mention my poster got picked on a few times on RMS, just baffling why I have a hot chocolate french poster over my bed...why because I like it!!~:) and the colors are fantastic! to ME.....
Now that I have given you my plate tutorial of decorating let me show you some ideas I also found on line
Country living.com
Look plates on the bedroom wall
I believe there is inspiration everywhere we look, at least everywhere I look, I see color, texture and get design ideas everyday!~ Can't you tell? I am changing up something every other day. Thank you for stopping by and leaving  comments.  I read each and every comment and do my very best to respond back to you and visit your blog.  I love to give back to you what you give to me. 
 Toasting to you!~ Cheers! My husband takes awful pictures....and gosh do I need some SUN!
Linking up with a few lovely hosts today, more so to inspire, and be inspired by what you love, and do not ever allow anyone to break your spirit! Rock on and do what you love!~ Please take a moment or two to stalk around my site and see what else may spark your interest.  I have a little something for all to enjoy! I will be away for the weekend so if I do not get back to you right away I will see you early next week! ENJOY!~

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My KitChen of Many FacEs

MY kitchen has undergone many accessory and curtain changes in the past couple of years.  I love roosters, I have to say, they are cute and just warm up a space.  But On the flip side, I feel I can over do it with them.  I will show you some Accessory changes I have made, and my current state of kitchen.  I do Love my dining area in the Spring and Summer time.  Our window acts as the perfect back drop for color.  Very green and plush with all the Woods behind our home.  Makes for a lot of work come Fall and Spring, but I still Love it!
Look even rooster valances...no longer with me!

As you can see these roosters have been everywhich way and place in my kitchen

Now for the current state.........I have brought in more cobalt blue, I have always loved that color and thought with our Old World family room which also has blue scattered about, this would tie the rooms together nicely.
I added this cobalt blue plate, as you can see we are getting read to cook dinner....Pasta night!

I keep my dish soap in a decorative bottle

My first and only cloche

New pottery set my Father in law recently brought for us, from a potter in Upstate New York

Really loving Cobalt blue

 My French candy sign from Ballard designs....I did splurge however it was on sale!
Fabulous Pasta dish my husband actually cooked for my Birthday!

I spy with my little eye, yes, another yellow painted item I am still counting how many things I used this color on..

Thought I would make a home made arrangement from my Garden and woods instead of buying more fresh flowers this week

And here is the current state of mind for the kitchen, with once again valance changes..

Today I am joining in on the Jennifer Rizzo Style evolution

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