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Monday, May 31, 2010

Red white and I am not Blue no more!~

Blog party celebration...Whoot woot! Happy 4th of July everyone, be safe and have fun!http://itsablogparty.com
http://romantichome.blogspot.com  Show and Tell with Cindy!

I used a wreath as a centerpiece...along with a lantern I won at a X-mas party last year....all the other decor is from the dollar tree, minus the cobalt blue glasses.  The teddy bear dishes are from Good will for 69cents. Towels on chairs are also from the dollar tree...I love that place, have I mentioned that before?
thank you all for hosting, this patriotic party, and thank you all for looking and leaving your lovely comments.
I have a cool Garage salen party going on now HERE

And you need to check out my audition for the OPRAH show HERE

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Long story short! I hit Mikes BRAND new car pulling out of the garage ever so slowly....crunch! I always am very cautious to be sure no kids or bikes are in the driveway.  Well for some odd day yesterday....not thinking at all....I pulled out of the garage and I could not believe what I heard....It was pulling back up when I did the real damage.  My car has a big ole boo boo on it...and thank god for duct tape..that stuff really works.  I felt so terrible!!~ his car has a big dent in the front.http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_228/1201007307r6nD8z.jpg 
I had to walk in the house and tell him
http://rlv.zcache.com/walk_of_shame_college_t_shirt-p235927560724919965yj4l_400.jpgBeing the kind loving man he is, Mike said to me " Deb I am not happy I will not lie, but Shit happens! You are not hurt, no one is hurt and the car can be fixed.... (however it is going to cost us some bucks) he did not say that, but that is what I was thinking the whole time!  I am not sure if we should put it through the insurance or just pay out of pocket.  My deductible is 1,000....I wonder if I will have to pay two deductibles...and then our insurance will go up.  We have never had a claim, but I know how it works we will get hit down the road. So please all you lovely ladies...tell me you have done this before!
So there you have it! I really messed up this time.  I begged Mike this morning to pull my hair, slap me do something to show me you are angry....he is choosing the silent treatment for now!~ This is my car, he is at work, making some money to pay for the damages.

P.S.  On a brighter note...I did my first video segment for the Oprah show try out....can't wait til it is finished so I can share it with you all.  It will be fun!~
UPDATE 101:  Talked to Mike, and he is talking...totally  cool and normal, YAY! I'm over it!!!~Did mention he will be putting some tape in the garage so I have some lines to follow....backing in and out....I think he should get some caution tape myself!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

I smell a fish and Ice cream!

Don't you just love my new cobalt blue solar powered fish? I do!~ My Mom bought Mike and I this for our Anniversary....it works awesome too.  I put it out by our bright yellow bench

Of course I have been busy with my spray can in hand

This was the arbor last year

What a difference a year makes

Last year Mike bought me this arbor for my Birthday....I planted some yellow jasmine, that has really taken off this year.  I am thinking by the end of summer it should be entirely covered.

I have a question....these three cherry blossom trees are in the front of our home...this year they started getting cherries.....are they edible???? They never had them til this year...we where so excited. Here is a picture of the trees.  They where scrawny when we moved here four years ago.

From drab to bright and happy flowers!

One of the nicest things about our little town....we still have an ice cream man, of course Jack is the first kid out the door.
Happy Memorial Day Y'all!~
Thanks to all the hosts I will be linking up with this week.

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Garage Salen partay # 3 linky up!~

Time to have some fun girls! I look so forward to seeing what you all scored this week.  One of my husband and I's favorite thing to do is to antique shop.  We have a favorite antique mall we love called Sleepy Poet.  There are rows and rows of vendors and needless to say the coolest stuff.  Mike was off on Wednesday and it has been about six months since our last visit...it was time
This is just the first aisle when you walk in.  You could literally spend hours in here, and we have in fact done so in the past.  Today we had nothing in mind....we are running out of space.  But of course we always spot something worth adopting......
Hello there old Gothic weird looking piece....you found your new home.  Mike spotted this when we where heading to the front...I said ohhhh that is cool, how much....we looked at the tag it said $15.00....I said SOLD!~ It is younger we think than our usual taste....we think it is from the 70's  but we really like it.
Ok your next!~ Thanks for participating, and please remember to link back to my party.  I see a lot of gals that have linky parties are very adamant about this, and have in fact deleted posts....please do not make me do that....I want to have fun!!~ So let's go.....Mr. Linky is up early, as I had some anxious gals out there........so hey now your a rock star get your game on....My party is ONLY for things not purchased in a retail store. Thank you all for participating...it means the world to me.  And also thank you for visiting some of the other participants.  We all know how much work goes into one little post....and we all love the visits!~
I will be linking up this post to some other parties as well....Thank you all you lovely hostesses!~



Thursday, May 27, 2010

SiT, Stay for awhile

I have some fun projects I would like to Share with you.  So I hope enjoy your stay, and if you don't mind take a Seat on the front porch, and Sip a little Something!~
Our Japanese Maple this year is just beautiful.  When we first bought it three years ago it was very tiny and scrawny!
The purple clematis has taken off very nicely too this year.  The only thing I do to this is trim it down in the winter, I can't believe how fast it grows.
This Jasmine we planted four years ago when we first moved in....again I do very little to it, but trim it. It smells really pretty when you are walking up to the entrance. Now on to some projects.
As you can see a little paint transformation.  My friend gave me this cross as she had no where to put it after she purchased it....well after she saw how I displayed it, she wanted it back...NOTTA happening.....
I also painted the watering can, it was a copper color and I forgot to take the before.  Then I decided I would add some numbers to it. I may have to distress this cross...the more I look at it..I need to rough it up a bit. Next project in order now.....

This was a fun little project on windy day... I still have some yellow paint on my knees from a couple of days ago....anyhow we see these pots with the numbers on them and I thought I would give them a try....I chose the bright yellow because this is on the side of our home where the mailbox is...and we are forever getting other peoples mail, and Dominos never knows where to go....so THERE in your face you can see the address now!~
I used house numbers that you buy in a package at Walmart for I believe $6.00, however you receive 30 of them...so that is pretty good.....I ran out of black spray paint and have to pick up another can so I can finish the bottom of the planters.....that will drive me nuts! Not a far drive if I may add..... 

My $3.00 find at Goodwill today....thought surely there is something I can do with it!
Thanks for stopping by.  I will be linking this post to a few parties for the rest of the week....I THINK I will be taking a break for the rest of the week until my Garage salen partay on Saturday....so be ready gals!~ And thank you all you lovely hosts for hosting these awesome parties.....love all you gals!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm oN A Roll

Just so you know, I wake every morning inspired, what to do next? I am a ball of energy.  Some of you gals asked when do I sleep.  Well I have to tell you I get my solid 7-8 hours a night, and wake up refreshed and raring to go.  I now look around the house.  As I do not want to go out and spend money that I do not need to.  So today I decided I would redo  a little white shade I had tucked away in my closet I already had my supplies on hand. Just took a minute to figure out what I wanted and here it is
Can someone say BORING?????
Can someone say CUTE???? I love poppies this season, and just cut a flower off one I have, and hot glued it to the ribbon...easy peasy!

Ahhhhhh....that was fun~!
Made the cute little tea towel with fabric I had left over from making my table runner

As you can see I put the lemons back on the table....and my husband pointed out to me, that my new color scheme this week is the Howard Johnson Colors....leave it to Mike to make that observation!
Linking up to some of my favorite parties this week.  Thanks for hosting!