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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thought provoking questions...coffee chat series continued...


 I realized my coffee talk series kinda fell to the way side these days.  I suppose decorating got in the way of things.
I love asking questions.
In fact my teen gets annoyed because I question him A LOT, on everything, every day!
However, I do find most of the time he answers, and is willing to share.
What that tells me, even though he gets annoyed, he is glad I asked.
I find one hot topic these days is asking me "girl" questions, mostly advise, and how to read between the lines..
and hey do I have some advise for him!
Socially, I consider myself smart. ( I don't mean that in a stuck up way) I have to hang my hat on something girls..OK?
Book wise, not so much...but hey you can't have everything, so I will take the  people skills gift I was given, and put it to good use in my lifetime. My husband is the book smart guy, so we work well together as a couple. Although, he has pretty good people skills too..I guess he was given more of a gift than I.
So here I pose just 2 questions: thought provoking indeed.
I will post them, and answer them as well....
Which is worse, failing or never trying? 
HA..this is the perfect thought provoking question for me.  I never consider that I have failed at anything. The fact that I tried, makes it eventful for me. I do believe this offers a fine example to my children. I have fun in the process...I may fail miserably, but  I have fun  in the process of trying. You know the old saying, "No risk no reward".
What is your most beloved childhood memory?

As simple as it may sound, it was when my Grandfather would throw me in the car when we would hear the Mr. Softee truck.( it was usually before dinner time too, but we got our ice cream) Gram was never too happy about it either. I have many more of course, but this one stands out, I know for my sis it does too.

I would love for you to spontaneously share with me the same. I love to learn a little more about you, my friends, my readers. So hope your game for my new series of questioning each week.
http://eats.com/images/stories/eats/mister-softee-logo.jpgHave a great night! 
I have lots more questions in store for the future..so stay tuned..
Here is just a random throw in..
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a court stenographer...yep I did, I would have loved that job too.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I wore to Prince and pics that don't make the cut

Second picture of me on my blog with a beer...really I only like one before we go out..and as you see that is not that often. Prince was so Awesome! Necklace from a local boutique, top and light weight sweater from TJ Maxx.

I was really trying to take a nice picture of this scarf, that I won in a giveaway. I totally forgot the gal I won it from, so if you are reading this Thank you so much! I love it. Of course I look drunk, I  swear I did NOT have  a drop, and note I have food in my teeth.

Now as you can see this could have been a very lovely picture, thank you son!

But I have to wonder where my son get's it from..thanks Mike!
This ones for you sis! Love ya!
Joining Pleated poppy for WIWW

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on our guestroom redo.
I am contemplating painting the furniture in out master with the chalk paint...of course a different color.
It's a big JOB!

NEWBIE LinkY Party still going on until Midnight tonight

If you are new to blogging it is a great way to meet new bloggers like yourself.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest room suite with a garden view

So it all began with chalk paint.
Thanks Miss Mustard Seed, you have created a chalkmonster out of me.
 I know you have all been waiting patiently for my room reveal...so here it goes.
I am sure some of the snippets were not even making sense color wise.
Like where does orange come into play here?
So today the sun was shining! I could take some pictures finally. Sorry I am weird like that..I refuse to take pictures on a crappy day.
Blue has always been my favorite color, and I have no problem mixing different variations of blue together..
it works for me.
I do believe every room in your house should reflect
your personality.
This Mexican pottery light was in our first Florida home hanging over our kitchen table. I still adore it.
I hope when our guests come they feel the fun and energy we have to share.
I think they do, they keep coming back!
Color scheme, blues, lime green, yellow, orange, dash a white, wall  color by Restoration hardware, cappuccino. Lamp bought at World Market several years ago.
Wishing I had no glare on the pictures..I may remove the glass...
View out the window
I will be showing you the chair makeover soon, third one since I have had it.
Better shot of treatment on my chalk painted furniture.
Here is where the orange ties in, I bought this piece for the TV at World Market last year marked down on clearance.
I used two different stencil paint pens for this flower.
I had some left over fabric from the chair and thought it would look cute tied to the blue pillow...
And there you have it.
This room redo was all done on a small budget.
So the room makeover over was approximately $250.00

Resources I used:
Hobby Lobby
(stencil, fabric)
Chalk paint
TJ Maxx 
(Cynthia Rowley collection)
(Better Homes and gardens collections, sheets and picture frames)
You don't even have to waste your gas to go shopping, shop on line it's cheaper these days
some places even offer free shipping.
Wait just one minute...here is the very BEFORE bedroom
It was fun, and I still love the coverlet...I will use this one in the Fall and Winter months.
I will be linking to some fun parties later on.
Have to run out this evening for a school band meeting.
My son is leaving for a four day band event in Orlando.
I am so jealous!
NEWBIE party going on until midnight
Joining Kim for
WOW me Wednesday 
DIY by design 
Power of paint 
Whassup Wednesday 
The charm of home 
French country cottage 
Miss mustard seed 
Finding Fabulous 
THe shabby nest

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Stenciling burlap part II, NEWBIE party going strong.

Seeing I showed you yesterday my stenciled art work on burlap, I thought I  would show you the ROLL I am on now.
Have you figured out by now, I get fixated on one project and keep it going? Yeah well, I do!
I knew after viewing this picture this old frame which was my husbands Aunt's needed a lil somethin' somethin', this frame has been sitting in a closet doing nadda!
So today I thought of it.
See here the empty blah blah frame

Stenciling on burlap is a real cinch. I used regular craft paint and some small artist brushes and just lightly dabbed my stencil. I cut the burlap of course to fit the opening of the frame and then hot glued it to the back.

I thought it would be nice to welcome my guests.
And here you have once again, a little color, texture and dimension to a plain ole frame.
Thanks so much for popping over.
My newbie party is still going on 

Our guest room is ready for the full reveal, however the weather is not cooperating, and I refuse to take pictures of it on a cold dreary wet day.
Hopefully the
sun will come out tomorrow! because you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow may be the reveal...
so come back soon. Oh wait a minute..I do have one more thing to share in here project wise..so maybe that will be tomorrow and NOT the entire room...
psyched you out
I just received some more chalk paint. I have added the link to my side bar..
I highly recommend you trying it out.
Marty for tabletop Tuesday
The Stories of A to Z
Funky junk interiors 

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Stenciled art work and NEWBIE party is ON!

I started off with some orange burlap I already had around. I bought this stencil some time back and finally used it. Instead of the craft paint I normally use, I decided to try one of these pens.Fantastic btw.
This was another fun, on the cheap project.
I will be sharing yet again just another snip of what more is to come.

Are you starting to get a feel for the guest room transformation yet? We are very happy with the outcome, I say we because Mike really likes it too..he was digging the art work...he had to hang it for me. So fun and fresh for the Spring and Summer season. All on the cheap too.

I discovered this new line of bedding at TJ'Maxx by Cynthia Rowley...
SWOON baby SWOON! I am loving it.
You will be getting the full reveal very soon. It is killing my Mom..she can't wait to see it.

Enjoy the newbie party,
you know the drill by now.
Link or add my button to your post.
Blogging for 6 months and/or less than 100 followers.
Turn off Word verification, not necessary as blogger is doing a fine job of spam.
If you are not a friend of mine...
would love to have you become one.
I host this weekly party every Monday, and I am very happy with the outcome, and the  many sweet emails I receive thanking me for starting it. That just tickles me so. It really is neat to watch your blogs grow and all the connections being made. I feel so happy to be a part of that.
Each week I am discovering new blogs and new friends myself.
YAY..that is what it is all about here peeps.
I could not resist showing you the night stand complete. Poor picture quality, rainy and dark all weekend. Don't worry full room reveal very soon...it was so much fun to work with that chalk paint.

Our guest bedroom has had a total room transformation, looks nothing like this.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Does your house smell good?

Every once in a while you can expect a scentsy plug or brag from me.....after all it is my job, and I truly do love it.
This is so scrumptious smelling.
I have to tell you the Spring/ Summer scents are wonderful...
this is what I am using now, and it truly is a delight to walk in our home.
The other day the UPS guy told me when I opened the door, my house smelled good.
how cute is this? My Mom has this one and she loves it.
Oh, best news of the week...
I did sign on my first new representative.
Funny thing is I never even met this gal.
She has been a friend of mine since my Rate my space days.
She does not blog,
we were friends on facebook.
A little FYI...
it only cost 99.00 to start your own Scentsy business.
I know in today's economy every cent truly counts.
I made back my initial investment, in one party.
it was just that easy.
So if you are in virgin scentsy territory,
think about it
you have nothing to lose..
perhaps some extra income to gain.
But first you need to try a scentsy for yourself, after all you do want you house to smell good.
Or if you need some new scents head on over to my site now, and order a few fresh Spring Summer one's.
Have a wonderful Saturday evening, and I will see you 
tomorrow night for the newbie party.

These make wonderful Birthday gifts...
and let's not forget Mother's day coming up in May.
Don't say I don't know what to get her...


Herb gardens

Happy dreary Saturday!
Of course Mr. Doo's is off,
so what is it doing outside?
Oh well, perhaps it will be a cuddly on the couch kinda day.
I wanted to put a shout out to my friend 
She is having a lovely Herb Garden giveaway.
Dawn has a lovely blog through and through.
She makes beautiful jewelery too.
Here are some details on her giveaway...
Start your own Herb Garden

 What you will get:
5 Starter Pots
Soil Starter Mix
Gardening Gloves
Cilantro, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, and Sweet Basil Seeds

Everything you need to start your own window sill herb garden.
So what you waiting for..
go on over and enter...

Good Luck! 

My COLOR PARTAY is still going on 


Friday, March 25, 2011

Hodge podge post

Today, I received from my dear pal Peggy a thank you gift for 
hosting the runner giveaway.
Check out her site Angel baby creations

Let me say I was impressed by the wrapping and then the quality was really impressive.
Thank you  Peggy.
I also received a recent Etsy purchase made with love by my friend
Erin from

look how cute this looks in my kitchen

Here are my gifts from Peggy...

I love these place mats!
Girls I have been so busy with projects my head is spinning.
I have so many things swirling in my mind that I want to do..
I will let you peek at just a few.
This was the project I used the chalk  paint on..it did not stop here, fantastic stuff!

Had to find another use for my favorite yellow by Krylon

This is one of my favs of the day, can't wait to share it

I could not resist to show you this part of my porch now complete..The cross tin is new purchased at Garden ridge for half price. $15.00, it is really a cool piece.

My Handsome son off to his 8th grade Spring dance.
Dateless...by choice....

COLOR MY WORLD party going on
not the turn out I had hoped for..
weather and life seems to have gotten in the way.
I do thank you girls whom were able to participate.
What neat colorful projects out there.

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