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Debbiedoo's: June 2010


Diy, thrifty home decor decorating ideas on a budget. Painting furniture, stenciling projects. Turning trash to treasure.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

X marks the spot!

My favorite day of the week, with my friend Jenny, Jenny I got your number.....Jenny Matlock Alphabet Thursday, and here is her phone number....867-5309 ( I am soooo corny I know) I thought where do I turn to?  and then I thought  I got it, I got it!! so let's have a good time this week!~
I am wondering just how many X's are going to be out there.  I am betting we will see a lot X-rays...so I decided to put my little Debbiedoo's twist and humor, and get some X-tra brownie points from the teacher. So what exactly is an X-ray?

    1. A relatively high-energy photon having a wavelength in the approximate range from 0.01 to 10 nanometers.
    2. A stream of such photons, used for their penetrating power in radiography, radiology, radiotherapy, and scientific research. Often used in the plural. Also called roentgen ray.
  1. A photograph taken with x-rays.
  2. OK, we knew all this right?
Being a woman, we all know the anxiety of going for our yearly Mammo's!~ So very important, and I do hope you go as scheduled.  As we know early detection is our best chance of survival on this dreaded disease called Breast Cancer. Even if you feel a lump or bump or something that just does not feel or look right....do make an appointment to get it checked out. I have heard and known of cases when a woman feels a lump and possibly  it is still NOT detected on X-ray, so be persistent and ask for an ultra sound or MRI.  I know some women do not like to even do their own self examinations as we do not know what feels weird and what feels normal to us. Here is a little tutorial I found that looks user friendly to follow.
http://www.stevens-tech.edu/womensresources/resources/Breast%20Self%20Exam.JPG Sorry guys who come over for Alphabet Thursday, as I have mentioned before with me...expect the unexpected!~ This is important stuff for us gals!
Seeing I started off on such a serious note,  I will end this segment with some mammo humor....hope you enjoy, go for your MAMMO soon if you have not done so.!
Well you see guys we can arrange something for you as well....
Yep that is what it feels like when we leave!
Then of course they go and change the guidlines on us.  What does your Doctor say? I have been going every years since I am 39. I really hate going every year, however I would rather go every year than not....
 Perhaps you have never had one either.....this is the time to go....http://betweenfriendsblog.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8354c22ad69e20115707ed028970b-800wi Because you have to.  That is all for my  class today.  Hope you have learned something, laughed a bit, and remember to schedule your Mammogram.  I go every October, that is breast cancer awareness month...I never forget! Speaking of never forget.  Don't forget to GO vote for me if you liked my Oprah audition tape.  You may view and vote. Vote as many times as you have time for...vote, backspace, vote again!!~


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Monday, June 28, 2010

Giving thanks...

 THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! for not only  taking the time to view my video but for being such a great support in the process. Some of you have actually taken the time to create posts, make mention, and  spread the word out for me, and I did not even ask that of you, well some I did, I will not lie....  Just a few to mention..... Cindy from my Romantic home,  Jenny Matlock is another one.... and no kidding, within minutes they both whipped out a post. And now just as I was writing this post, my dear blogging friend Kim from Savvy Southern Style just created the most heart warming post. Not to mention a few other posters out there who have given me shout outs...you are all AWESOME!  Now that is what I call bloggie  love! You all have been a great support system, and fantastic role models in this blogging community.  I am just very touched, is really all I can say. As you gathered from my video the concept of my show is for all of us women and bloggers in general...could be Men too... to  come together and support one another. We all need balance, we  are all creative individuals with our own unique spin on things and life whether it is decorating, writing, being passionate about our  family and careers, we are all here for a reason and that is to share and be recognized in some way.  I appreciate your virtual friendships more than I can say. I hope to touch your lives in the same way as you have touched mine. I  meant what I said a week or so ago , about being passionate about life and family and wanting to share that with the world. I feel I can share that in a fun and unique way. SO go ahead and keep voting as much as you would like, that is of course if you like the concept of the show and like me:)
Linking to http://wwwbobbypinsboardwalk.blogspot.com 
I think this is brag worthy!!~


Thanks so much for all your SUPPORT! Updated post...


 THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! for not only  taking the time to view my video, but some of you have actually taken the time to create posts, make mention, and  spread the word out for me, and I did not even ask that of you. Now, I will say I have gone to some of the  "bigger" blogs such as Cindy from my Romantic home and my friend  Jenny Matlock is another one....within minutes they both whipped out a post. And now just as I was writing this post, my dear blogging friend Kim from Savvy Southern Style just created the most heart warming post.  Now that is what I call bloggie  love! They and many others have been a great support system, and fantastic role models in this blogging community.  I am just very touched, is really all I can say. As you gathered from my video the concept of my show is for all of us women and bloggers to  come together and support one another. We all need balance, we  are all creative individuals with our own unique spin on things and life whether it is decorating, writing, being passionate about our  family and careers, we are all here for a reason and that is to share and be recognized in some way.  I appreciate your virtual friendships more than I can say. I hope to touch your lives in the same way as you have touched mine. I  meant what I said a week or so ago , about being passionate about life and family and wanting to share that with the world. I feel I can share that in a fun and unique way. SO go ahead and keep voting as much as you would like, that is of course if you like the concept of the show and like me:)

DON'T forget my Garage salen party going on until Monday evening....I love this party!
I will be linking this post to as many parties I can: THANK you all for allowing me to....I am so excited to share this with you all. Hope you like it and will vote for me!!~


Saturday, June 26, 2010

GaraGE saLEN Party #7

First off let me say THank you all for another great party last week.  I don't care what anyone says....I hang with the coolest chics in town! And that is all of you. You gals are so courteous and caring to one another each and every party.  I see your comments to each other, and you just make me smile. I think I throw a darn good party...my guests mingle and have fun. Of course the host is not too bad herself (Patting myself on the back, and coughing)  Of course I have cool friends in my reality life...but none of them thrift...can you believe that? Oh well they are missing out! I had so many favorites this week.
Let me start with Gina....I believe she is new to this thrifting gig...but I do believe she is onto something.  Check out this beautiful dresser score

Next up...my young, fresh, and energizing friend Allison.....her and her husband are also newbies to this, and having a ball....look what she found last week, and then look what they did a couple of days later.....I am impressed...they are so cute too!!~
AFTER: can you believe this? I just love it!

Now for my last feature of the week. My friend Leann!~ This gal rocks in her cool vintage, sassy style. She is fun, and uses great color in her home...very different from anything I am used to seeing....and I love different!~
See what I mean...she is a cool cat, go check out her blog, you will be happy you did!
Now let's get this partay started once again. 
I almost forgot about posting my latest score:

This table was hideous! But for 5.00 and a little creative thought...I came up with something useful. I am over the Modge podge for now...I think I have mastered it, and have to go onto something else. The top of this table was so beat up, and who in their right mind painted this? I mean I love fun and funk, but this is down right FUGS!
Cute little butterfly for 50 cents....I left her natural for now.

Just a little more color....I bought this as well at the thrift store for 1.00.

That's all folks....now let's get this party started! I can't wait to see what you have all scored this week! Oh I spent a whopping $6.50on my finds this week...now that is what a call thrifting!
Linking up to a few parties
Joining HOLLY over at http://www.504main.com for her tickled pink party! NO it does not have to be pink!

I would love for you to add my link to your blog, and or my button that you have been featured.

Not to be redundant...but I seem to have to remind some of my participants to add my link to the party. I have NOT deleted any YET...but I am going to start cracking on my partay rules....so please be kind, and considerate to the rules.  ENJOY!!~IF you notice your entry is gone, it is because you did NOT link back to me.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

HA, I am just kidding on the title!!~ 
Wasn't that a commercial back in the 80's or sometime ago? For Pantene shampoo?  I wanted to share my simple beauty treatments! I love skin care and always am up to try new things that are recommended.   I use this face mask once a week.  Genetically I have been pretty blessed as far as SKIN goes....my Mom has the most beautiful skin, it still is so radiant and she gets compliments all the time.  
Although, she has branched out to bigger better products, and she LOVES new products as well. This facial mask is very inexpensive however, very refreshing! you ought to try it!~ 
You do not have to have acne to try it, I don't have acne.  This face mask is good for all types of skin.

 My poor husband and kids actually get scared when they see me wear this mask!!~ Really it is a little scary....  Anyone have any solutions for the new hair growth on the chin? What's up with that? I have been plucking it...and I have told my husband if I am ever suddenly hospitalized he best keep up with my chin and bring the tweezers! I remember as a child kissing my Gram and feeling her ever so slight whiskers on my face, I think I am heading down that genetic road!
 Love all these things and use them every single day!~ The last one is eye gel age defying....I do have crows feet, I guess I have earned them at 44, they are a given, but this gel seems to help a bit. The Bobbi Brown, is a new product I just tried.  My friends husband is a big wig at a department store and he gets all kinds of free stuff, she gave this to me, and I have to say I LOVE it, it has a great smell too, kinda sexy beach like. The Oil of olay color recapture tint...my Mom turned me onto, love it and it is all I wear now in place of foundation.
  Thanks for checking my goods out.  Have a great day!!~
Status on my hair growing process.....I now can wear a little hobo pony tail...that is what my Son Jack calls it...been many years since a pony tail:)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Both feet on the ground, Garage salen party #6 Linky up!

First I want to  thank each and every one of  you so much for the overwhelming response on the blogging etiquette post.  I am certain it not only helped me, it also has helped others.

 Let me tell you about the latest happenings around here and then we can move on...I had a major mess up AGAIN this week.  It was bound to happen with my spray paint can, let me explain.
I was doing a project in the garage and I had left the project and the can of RED spray paint on the floor,  Well that night Mike came home and pulled into the garage (he had my truck, because his car was in for repairs...again because of ME!)  as you know I screwed up last week on that as well ) well Mike ran over the can of spray paint.  OMG! is really all I can say, our garage looked like Friday the 13thhttp://darrenjcosta.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/friday-the-13th-jason-mask.jpg 
massacre. This is nothing....... I had already starting cleaning it up, and then he kicked me out fast, and said he would take care of it.  After hours of paint thinner and pressure washing it is pretty well gone now.
BAD I tell ya.
The bottom line is, I am doing too much, too fast, not thinking and making bad choices that result in accidents.
After receiving the email from my blogging friend, the light bulb went off and it then prompted me to post the topic.  I have come up with a simple solution.  STOP posting so much! Some have asked what are my intentions, ie....do I want a business....NO...Maybe, perhaps...do I want advertisers....NO, but Kinda sorta...
what do I want?  I want  to share all my creative energy, my family, my life and my stories along the way.  The problem with me, is that I want to do it all, too much, too fast. I am a NOW, live in the moment, for the moment kinda gal.   I can't help myself sometimes, I get so excited making others smile and find joy in just about everything I do, and I want to share that enthusiasm with the World.  I have a lot to share, as my life is so not boring, and so fulfilled, I like to bring that to you all.   
THAT's it!!~Whatever else comes my way I will embrace. Now If I get discovered in the meantime.....that would be greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!~ (just kidding)  With all this being said, I love to visit each and every blog I do...this blogging world is NOT all about me (darn it, would make it so much easier). You all have so much to share with me as well, and I have learned through you too....life stories, your creative spark, what makes you happy.  I love to learn about you. 
 My blog will never be in the top 10,( should be, dirty rascals, what are they thinking, fools) my blog will never be recognized in any magazine,(so magazine worthy, it is ridiculous they are not pounding on my door) and I certainly never had those expectations. I have simply been over functioning at a time when I can't!http://brainboosterplus.com/images/exhausted.gif   I do love feedback etc...my posts are not all about decorating, I sometimes need insight on parenting, I want to hear everything I can about your experiences about parenting and learn in the process...we can all learn things from each other.  To me blogging and connections are all about having a support group for each other. I love Blogging and Blabbing, sounds pretty catchy huh...more on that later! (light bulb moment)http://kenoath.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/bulb.jpg I have to also admit I loved the traffic flow my blog was receiving, it was so much joy to see all the people on my page.....and how does that happen...you post often and people come over.  But I have to admit I was getting annoyed myself at seeing myself if that makes sense!  
....today is a new day indeed!. 
So I have fessed up to my shortcomings, admitted my alter egohttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3062/2975202083_16710a035b.jpg was driven, and I  thank you all very much!  But back to some normalcy for me:) I would like to note, my family was never affected in any way shape or form, they are not painted red or blue or the color purple  http://blog.bluemos.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/img_0298.jpgand they still love me and are well taken care of.  Now my home, well it can be a  little cleaner like it used to be...and that is what I will go back to...I love to clean!

NOW let's get this party started, nuff said about this topic!
So this week I will feature my $3.00 Goodwill shoes.Sam and Libby and clearly never worn! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE they are...........
 Enjoy, as many participants as you see fit, and have fun.  Don't forget to link back to Debbiedoos, either with my logo, or link is fine.  Let's try to stick to thrift items this week, antiques, flea markets, garage sales, etc.....Oh and my parties must go on, and always will, this day is my favorite day of the week!~ This week I will not have any features but promise to start back to that next week. Can I also mention one pet peeve I have?  Comment word verification!!!!!!!!! We do not need it, you can moderate your comments before you post them....word verification is a big ole pain in the BUTTTTTTTTTT! Takes time, I type the wrong stupid letters almost every time...thanks for listening...perhaps you can turn it off....I am not alone here peeps trust me on this!
Hope you all understand the little step back I am taking.....really it is just a little:)
PMS...I mean P.S. I am not going anywhere gals, I am just not going to post 3,000 times a week....perhaps just 2,000 times a week will suffice for now!
My Garage salen party starts Every Friday and runs til Monday night....hope you join you sometime!

http://www.dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com (Mosaic Monday)
Joining in Lindas Nifty Thrifty party as well....

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Help a girl out here FEEDBACK needed.

I received this email from a very lovely follower.  I have to be honest with you all at this point and tell you I am having a heck of a time keeping up.  I replied to her and basically said when my boys where at school, I did have more time to myself....really not being as productive as I would like, but productive enough to get by.  Now that they are home, I am doing most of my blogging catch up in the evening.....having a very, very hard time. I never want to hurt any ones feelings and not give you all the same courtesy you give me.  I enjoy coming over to your blogs just the same.  However, I have figured out I am on the average doing 4-5 posts per week.  Most all my posts have a high comment count .....and I hardly, if ever miss visiting back to you.  HELP me out, what are your feelings on this etiquette.  I do not want to lose the relationship and connection I have made with you all.  But at this rate, I am exhausted from visiting at least 200 or more blogs a week. Would it be rude of me to only visit once a week or so, or perhaps if I am only participating in a linky party, just visiting the participants that visit me? I can honestly say, I find when participating in the parties....most that I visit, I never see them visit me....so I mostly have the gals come to me first and then gladly take the visit back to them.  I know I am not alone here in this thought process.  Now some of the larger blogs out here, I do not even see them visiting? I am certain they do not respond to every comment made on their blogs,  Yet their following is growing in numbers and they are adored. One thing I do know for certain and will never change my opinion or feeling on, are the linky parties.  You have a party, take the time to visit the participants.  MOST all I participate in do...however, there are a handful I have never even seen the host, what's up with that? Is that the way you treat your guests when they come visit?.  That to me, is ill blogging manners no matter how you slice or dice that! Here is the letter I have been given permission to share.  I did not give you her name or blog as that is confidential. Now I know this topic has been raised and discussed out here many times.  I never felt it concerned me much, even early on I did a post on it.  But now I need to know your personal thoughts once again, as over time has changed as well as my following in numbers is growing....which by the way THANK you all, I truly do love blogging, and adore all the great women I have met out here, and will continue to meet. You all make it so much more worth it!


You are my favorite blog.  I would love to be your neighbor, you're so much fun!  
So, who better to ask these questions.  I am 7 weeks into this blogging thing.  
It has been so much fun and such a learning curve.  Posting is no problem, it is 
keeping up with everyones post!  I was gone for vacation for a week and I can't 
keep up!  Every time I comment on a blog, you have already been there, how do 
you do it?  

How many hours a day do you spend looking and commenting on blogs.

Should I always comment back to someone that comments on my blog?  I do now if 
they ask a question or I have a comment on their comment.  Should I be going to 
all of their blogs

I have trouble keeping track of people that comment, so I am not sure if I 
comment on their blog or not.

Now I am trying to comment on everyone that I follow, I can't, some people post 
everyday.   I don't comment if it is like just pictures of flowers or something.

Help......How do you decide who to comment on?

Thank you Thank you........Vixen lady!
HERE IS THE FOLLOW UP EMAIL of me requesting her
permission to post her email. 
Post away!  What a great idea!  I just can't see when someone leaves a comment 
like,  "That's cute" going back to their blog and commenting.   Here is what we 
really want to know.  Do people keep track of who does or does not comment on 
their blog?  Will they quit going to your blog if you don't comment on theirs?   
I would love to just skip along and comment on blogs I follow when it is 
something I like, and I would like to just return comments on my site when it 
warrants a return comment.  I can't wait to see what people say!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vivacious Red

Ok so you have all figured out by now, I LOVE COLOR!~ If someone asked me to describe myself with one word....I would say it is Vivacious Yes it's true, I really am!!~......(DEF) full of high spirits and animation; lively or vital.  I am enjoying this Virtual world, as I am getting to share of all my creative energy, that I have an abundance of.   Red is a very VIBRANT color, and believe it or not, I do not use it enough.  I never wear the color red, as I would feel like a VIXEN, much to strong for me, and not a good color choice for me! Here is a recent table scape I have done.  Nothing fancy, just plain ole fun!
My can candle holders...I of course spray painted them...added the twine and the little decorative butterflies. Aren't they so cute? I can use these out on my back deck too in the Summer time.
 I had bought some red burlap and attempted a table runner.  I did not like it, so I decided to make little chair covers instead...I like the added fabric with the punch of color.
And there you have more color inspiration by MWAHHHH!~ I know it's not for everyone, and some are even afraid of the use of....but I do hope this inspires you to think outside the box and try it sometime, just might make you smile.

I will be linking this post to a few of my favorite parties later on this week. Participating in Jenny Matlock's alphabet Thursday always inspires me to think a little more so out of the box.  In fact I had no intention of using this post at all for participating...that was until the light bulb started to flicker, and all of a sudden I came up with all these V words.  So thanks Miss Jenny, I really am becoming more of a  VILIGANT student
http://suelovescherries.blogspot.com Rednesday party
(Bragfest over at Jans)....I am bragging on my cans! And chair covers!
http://pkglitz.com/blog  You can be Crafty challenge

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