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Happy 4th and tips and tricks for ya when you are out Garage salen!

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Debbiedoo's: Happy 4th and tips and tricks for ya when you are out Garage salen!


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Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th and tips and tricks for ya when you are out Garage salen!

How to Prepare for a Garage Sale 
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It’s nice and warm in the Carolinas and it is the perfect time of year to have a garage sale to start unloading all of your old stuff around the house that you are no longer making use of. So here are some helpful tips to prepare for a sale.
WhenMost sales take place either on the weekends and start early in the morning and usually go to the late afternoon. The typical sale is from 8:00 to 2:00 but if everything is sold before 2:00 than you can call it quits early! In most military towns it is best to have the sale on the first week of the month because that is when the government checks are cut. Also in the summer you have more flexibility than during the rest of the year and can start a sale on a Thursday if you have a lot of stuff to sell throughout the weekend.
Where: There are a lot of community sales that take place that you can participate in. A lot of times they are at churches or schools. It costs a few dollars to be able to join and sell your stuff at these sales but is often very beneficial as they help advertise the sale and attract more visitors since there is a larger selection to choose from. Also working with the neighbors to have a community sale either outside of your house or at the community center is a great location.
Supplies: Being prepared is essential so it would be well advised to make sure that you have either tables or blankets to neatly display your items on. If you have gift baskets it is great to make a nice presentation of a grab bag full of items that you would like to sell in bulk. Labels or tags (hence tag sale) to let the visitors know how much each item costs, proper change: you will have visitors paying 75 cents to $100.00 for items so it’s important to be able to provide each of them change.
What to Sell? This is usually the toughest thing for most yard salers to decide. The best advice is to go through the attic, garage, and just about everywhere throughout your home that you can and find the things that you either absolutely do not use any more or things that you would like to replace with a new item i.e. that old kitchen table, chairs, desk, vanity, jewelry, etc….
Advertising  Marketing your sale is rather important. If you want to spend $15-25.00 you can advertise in your local penny saver or newspaper classified sections. If you want to list on a garage sale specific website for free there is Garage Sales Tracker which also promotes your sale through their website as well as their iphone application. Then there is the traditional signs around the neighborhood pointing all the visitors in the direction of your sale in which you can pick signs up at home depot or you can purchase a kit online from foxfire yard sale signs.
The last bit of advice is to enjoy the sale and to have fun which shouldn’t be too hard to do. Also if you want to get the kids involved you can bake some cookies and make lemonade and offer them to the visitors to your sale.

This article was specifically written for my blog on behalf of Garage sale tracker, I have posted their badge on my task bar for you to go check out. I thought it was awesome information to share  with all of us thrifty gals.

Garage salen partay going on til Monday HERE