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Debbiedoo's: February 2011


Diy, thrifty home decor decorating ideas on a budget. Painting furniture, stenciling projects. Turning trash to treasure.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring into scents! Newbie party started!

Hey girls! Hope you all had an awesome weekend!
I sure did. Had my first Scentsy party on Friday and it was a HIT!
I wound up having about 19 girls here.
All new as well to the Scentsy product.
Thought I would share how I set up my party.
It was cute, fun, and different. Perhaps if there are any reps reading this, I inspired a new idea for you.
Each scent falls into their own category...so I thought I would create
cute little vignettes.  I bought the bunnies at the dollar tree and I just made the tags.
I will say the girls loved it when they walked in.  It's all about cute presentation, according to me.
The box that held the catalogs actually is a Scentsy box that the product comes in.  I wrapped it with pretty paper.
I even had little Spring trees with the tags hanging from a branch.
Hey remember my Spring in a can?
Tulips are gone!
I love sunflowers.
 If you are a NEWBIE here, these are my guidelines for the party.
Blogging 6 months or less and/or less than 100 followers.
Please be sure to link back to my blog.
I would love for you to become a new friend of mine as well.
If you see your link has been removed...OOPS you did something wrong, try again.
and most of all....
Have fun!
These scents were my biggest hitters:
Just in case you have been considering,
Coconut lemon grass
You go girl
Home sweet home
and Cranberry Mango.
I would love if you popped over sometime to visit my site

One more thing...please turn of Word verification..
you are losing comments.

And do you know you girls are missing out on something really special 

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

WOWZA, look what I woke up to Friday and Saturday morning!


Budget Blog of the week pick featured on  About.com

COOL Beans is what I say.  
check it out...
Tonya wrote a beautiful little segment about me and my blog.  Some gals differed with her, she says I am CHEAP! I take that as a compliment, as she is correct indeed!
Our home is a mixed bag. I have some things that were a little pricey, and some things not so much,
in fact these days most things not so much. I like to show my readers what you too can do with little money.
Look beyond a piece, it may look like junk, however, with a little thought and a little vision,
you too can turn into a little gem of your own.
Read what Tonya has to say.

And wait just a minute, it does not get better than this!
Amy from Mod Podge Rocks is featuring my very first Mod podge project! You girls made my day, no wait a minute, my year!https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEhF6GWEsllEkdoffM7TOw3zpAsNUMW2ONrDd62xIKk-LqQOq6twR2-Qc8AhIS0-g30fG9cw_3x-OD5VzavmSZc-4V-xaLhekn9U2SXwVVE0NT2Vwbcko1i7Giip-rvi04SnjSFCyUsuIg9L/s400/Mod+Podge+clay+pots.JPG

These days, I am thinking  of Spring ideas, what colors, what fun in the garden, and where my roosters will land this season.
I guess you have to stay tuned to see for yourself.
In the meantime, don't forget about my newbie party come Monday. It is going very well for the girls. They are making new connections, and new friends. I appreciate all the lovely emails you all send me raving about the party.
I obviously could not do it without you.

And girls, you must get in on this gorgeous piece, that can be yours!


Joining never growing old

For all you newbies out there, I have a fantastic party going on 

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sunny Simple life

Sounds easy enough for me!
This is how Elaine describers herself:
I'm a wife and mom who loves feathering her nest and decorating her home, especially for holidays. I love bargain hunting, thrifting and hitting the yard sale. 
Here is a smidge of what you will see of her farm house style...https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEh8ypVTGJHeWJMn4mdR7fn-CNIdCKZiTVjsxFee9Z1XvnAevp2eetcEUjVYrsrw2KiQxJ5KMBOsscUs7YxwENIMUYf4z3d-d3BAPqYaWt2Yr2iuX8D_pADPCfWnv7tDXJK3VuhQUBaB5I8/s400/DSC03624.JPG

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEh2SYWeStZFzwR6xf-c8zxPmPo-mk4ElZUCUN5zO_l9rAXazETv1e5gfbq05LXuSflXV0dfXJB0yTGt175r5EsA-KVwfz0xW8ktgDMdImAJ39bJ93yZL1NPSqPtbPhqDK6m5xh18m3Ql_8/s350/DSC03667%255B1%255D.JPGLook at the cute red phone!
She shares recipes, and her sunny simple life in general, Elaine is a real sweet blogger friend!
Don't forget this purty piece that can be yours..

Have a great weekend gals.  I am having my first Scentsy party tonight! Wish me luck
I am behind on visits, it has been a crazy week indeed...I will be catching up soon.
I appreciate you all stopping by and your sweet comments.  They do not go unnoticed..I truly appreciate it!


What do you want for $3.00 bucks?

I had nothing to lose were my thoughts on this cruddy little piece!
Found it at the GOODWILL, was calling my name...take me pleazzzzzzzzzz
 And cruddy it was!
 Starting to come to life, but I can't stop there....now what color combo to use?
 Yes these three go nicely together....and what do I see a knife too?

As you can see I really funked it up! and it matches the piece in the corner....

This was easy...
After my initial color was dry, all I did to the top was take some stencil tape and make an X...
I then panited two triangles the red, and two triangles the tangerine.
Once that was dry, I took my copper color with a paper towel and rubbed it all over to give the aged look.
The knife was used to scrape the piece...I just went crazy scraping the edges and top...I wanted it to look beat up...I would say it does!

I will be joining some fun parties today:
Show and Tell Friday
Junkin Finds
Miss Mustard seed
Inspiration Friday
Feather your Nest 

And don't forget to check out this pretty necklace that can be yours


Thursday, February 24, 2011

I almost forgot!

It is going to take me some time getting used to the fact I have 
two sites now....
I have a special announcement
And, check it out...
You like this?

you will also read more about it 


What my son wore Wednesday from Goodwill

Yep, you heard me! My son wound up with  Goodwill duds for his big day!
I went to 4 other stores before I hit GW up.  He is in such an awkward size right now.  He is tall and thin like his Dad of course. Boys clothes do not fit him, and Men's clothes are iffy, depending.
I think he looked pretty darned good.
He was happy with the duds...and for a whopping $20.00 Mom done good!
The suit jacket came from Goodwill. Tie is Mike's and he had the black shirt already.  
He has that serious look.  He said he felt very grown up tonight.  
Of course some of the Kid's wanted to know if that was Mike's Jacket...he said, ummmm...you see my Dad he is 6'4 LOL!
Ok the shoes...all Italian leather, looked never worn...$3.50!
These fine young men are in the ROTC program in High school.  Alex is planning to do ROTC. Although, he has no desire to join the Military.  He is looking forward  to the experience of training and learning. ( really he wants muscles I think to impress the girls...I'm just sayin) 
He is excited, and says he is up for the challenge, and that it will be.
And there he is amongst the other class mates whom also received this honorable award.  
We are in a wonderful school system. Our experience here has been nothing but positive and very promising for the future.
Thank you for sharing our special day.
Can you believe Alex let me post  about himAGAIN?  
I think it's pretty cool of him..I won't push it much longer though...
I love you Alex!!~

Joining pleated poppy

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I wore Wednesday and out the door I go!

 I love this top, I bought at a local boutique here. 
I am on a mission today to find my 13 year old some dress clothes.
Alex is receiving a special award tonight, for scoring exceptionally high on the PSAT scores.
He was invited to take them early because of his current academic levels.
Needless to say we are very proud parents.
But geez, nothing like having to get some dress clothes from top to bottom at the last minute.
As smart as he is, the boy is NOT organized,
he dug out the paper last night , all crumbled up and it looked like it had been out in a
a winter storm and found it's way back.
 Necklace is from Brighton, gift from MIL years ago.
Just plain ole Jeans
Gotta run gals! Thanks for stopping by.
Joining Pleated poppy 

Sorry for the crappy photos...I look jaundice, and so does my house!
It really is not that yellow, I just put my camera on the wrong setting, told you I was in a rush:)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coffee talk Tuesday, As seen on TV

I have officially ended all the newbie coffee talks series.
You can read all the tips and tricks and fun that was shared under my header. 
Moving on here....

We've all seen those late night infomercials,
How about QVC or home shopping network?  Are you one of those late night gals that just get mesmerized sucked in  and just  have to have it?
I am not, to be honest.  
I have bought a few of the As seen on TV items, but I have never stayed up late and watched those shows and ran to the phone.  Not there is anything wrong with it, could be fun I suppose.

They have an entire little section at Walgreens, and with my discount I get it for an even better price.

So my sister, being the genius that she is...you know it runs in the family, had this fun idea for my blog...

My sister told me that their local TV station runs a segment every morning on these As seen on TV.
People give there opinions and a give a thumbs up or thumbs down.
Oh wait a minute, this is a pedipaws, not a pedicure your own paws, dang....

So  tell me if you have ever bought  an AS seen on TV item.
Would you like to share it with us all, and give a thumbs up or thumbs down?

Newbie party still going on HERE
and check out my other website for some fun stuff HERE

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Airsofting and a new cool box!

 A lot of you gals were not familiar with air softing.
Paint ball seemed to be a bit more popular.
My son is 13 and this is his thang!
I had to ask him permission for this post, as I have to start respecting his privacy as a teenager.
Some of his friends caught wind of my blog at school, and let's just say, his new name for the day was Debbiedoo's...NOT COOL!
So anyhow he said because this is COOL, I can post it.
Airsoft is an activity used primarily for recreation where replica firearms shooting 6mm or 8mm plastic rounds are used for personal collection, gaming (similar to Paintball), or professional training purposes (Military Simulations and Police training exercises).
As you can see he takes it pretty serious!
 While Mike and I were antiquing the other day, and yes for the record I forgot my camera....
We found this cool Old Tool box. I thought this is perfect for Alex's airsoft equipment.  His room was a disaster otherwise, and I was pretty much forbidden to touch his stuff....again, it's that ole respect thing a Mother has to do as well.
It was the perfect size too.  Oh BTW we scored it for 85.00 bucks. I thought that was pretty good considering, the cabinets we were looking at like at Sears, were over $200.00 and they were not even wood.

 I painted it a color called Duckeywood, by dutchboy.  It was perfect.  I bought the stencils at Walmart and we added the initials of his team and his initials on the bottom.
Perfecto, I have one happy organized Airsoftin son!
Newbie party still goings on HERE
and I forgot to mention my other website HERE

Joining DIY

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIY coasters, bridal gift

Saturday night I had a bachelorette party to attend.
I decided to make some DIY coasters as an extra for the gift.
This is a second marriage for both, and the the theme of the party for my friend was suppose to be lingere'.
My friend and I decided we would make a romantic gift basket instead.  Assuming she would get plenty of pretties...which she did!
These coasters I just happened to have, and I thought, I could do something fun with these.
Hence, I did.  I also had the paper from a long ago project I did on my vanity tray in my 
These are the before coasters...
Now you girls know the rules to my party right?
Well if you don't here they are for ya..
Blogging 6 months or less, and/or less than 100 followers...
Aren't these cute? Of course Mod podge, and a little wrapping paper is all I used, and I applied a craft copper color paint and sanded it, along with the edges of the coasters.
Oh and girls...let's NOT forget about Word verification.
Last week was wonderful...I do believe I visited every link that joined in,
because you girls made it easy for me
Have you ever had this chocolate wine?
Hope it's good!
One last thing....
If you are not a friend of Mine...
I would love for you to be....
Ya know, I am a pretty cool friend, I'm just sayin'
And Please be sure to add my button or link to your post, so that others know about the party as well.
Have fun...
   And please be kind and visit those whom have visited you.
P.S.  After my friend and I had put this basket together, I forgot my camera.
It has so many cute things in it.
Bubble bath, red champagne glasses that said cheers, Picture frame,
Do not disturb sign, chocolate, mini wine bottles, some heart tea towels, chocolate fortune cookies...
just a fun romantic theme for her and her new hubs.
  Oh and the basket was hounds tooth fabric...it was so cool.
Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers on my BOOBS!
They appreciate it, and so do I
Amaze me Monday 
The girl creative 
MM with Susan from BTONP 
Finding fabulous 
just a girl

If you see your link has disappeared, you did not follow my guidelines. Sorry..try again.

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