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Debbiedoo's: January 2011


Diy, thrifty home decor decorating ideas on a budget. Painting furniture, stenciling projects. Turning trash to treasure.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Newbie party is going strong!

Hi there!
Linking this post to Somewhat simple party!
I have been looking forward to this day for a few weeks now.
This IN FACT, is the first newbie Linkie party ever in all of the land. Blog land that is.
This is for blogs 6 months or less, and/or under  100 followers.
I have a good feeling you will make lots of new blogging friendships from this day forward. 
Make blogging whatever you want it to be. My husband just asked me today "Is blogging still a labor of love for you"? My answer was Yes!
There is creativity everywhere. Just look around, it is like looking at the best of magazines, except with people like you and I who are the authors and illustrators.

Make it your own, well, you can copy, but just shout it out that you did so....
After all this is blogland. Where else to come for inspiration? And for me, imitation is truly the biggest form of flattery!
 There is one thing, that not one person in all of the land, can ever duplicate or knock off, and that would be your PERSONALITY!
So let it shine, shine shine!

Have fun!
Enjoy,  and visit one another. If you feel a connection, follow along. 
This is your day!
Link up, add my button or link back.
If your not a friend , I've missed you. Join in today!
Just have fun girls...now take it away!

MY button recently disappeared. So if you have one on your blog, you may need to re add it. It is a mystery what exactly happened!
 In case you were wondering..Yes  I was playing with Mod today!

Speaking of Mod.  Have you ever been to Mod Podge rocks blog? Since I discovered her blog last year, I fell in love with the stuff.  She in fact has been a big source of inspiration for my crafting!
  She will even show you tutorials on mod podge. You can mod just about anything these days.
Here are just a few of mine:

Sugar and Spice
Holiday ornaments
Loving the Mod
Just call me Mod

I have several more, but you get the gist!

Don't forget to enter my Scentsy giveaway HERE

Please follow my simple guidelines...
Link up, add my button or link back.
If your not a friend , I've missed you. Join in today.
If you see your link has vanished...you see why above here.
Joining MM with SBNOTP
Amaze me Monday 


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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The story of Abbey road......

I was totally serious when I told you my husband likes to partake in the decorating of the house.
He has a very good eye for things.  Fortunately we both like the same things, and most of the time agree.
We had this one piece in our Family room, that no longer fit in the whole Old World Motif.
It looked good, but just did not fit in.
So the hubster being the ebayer that he is, set out to find something cool.
That he did!

A little difficult to find a whole lotta history on this piece. But  Mike managed to find some.  We do know for certain it is predated before 1910. It's orignial owner was a liquor store in Decanter England.
The first night Mike saw this piece on Ebay, he went to bed, dreaming of it...I am serious too. He said I love it, but I know I can't get it, because it was WAYYYYYYY out of our price range. Being the house manager I am, I said you are right we can't!!~
The interesting part is that ebay offered a buy it now, or MAKE me an offer.
So I said to Mike the next day.  Make an offer at half price. You have nothing to lose.
He did believe there would be NO way, they would accept.
So that night we went out to eat, and I was checking my email, and said to MIke, guess WHAT?
You have yourself a cool OLD sign!
Ecstatic to say the least!
So my advise is to you, take a chance, ask, you never do know!
After the piece was up, Mike felt it was missing just one more touch!
He found these very cool horse brasses on a leather strap.  Perfect touch!
So that is our story and a lot more history to add to our ever growing collections.
Oh this was the piece that used to be there.....
You see the piece behind the couch.
See you newbies and regulars tomorrow for the very first newbie party in blogland.
And you still have a couple of days to get in on the Scentsy giveaway.
Newbie Link up party has started, please read the criteria and guidelines HERE
This party will be every Monday.

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Are you ready?

Just putting a shout out to you as a reminder for tomorrow. 
First linkie party ever for the all the Newbie blogs!

I am very excited about this, as YOU should be even more excited.
And for my regular readers, this is a great way for you to find some fun new blogs as well.
I would love for you to visit some of the links too. Newbie blogs are 6 months or less, or less than 100 followers.

In the meantime, I have my husband keeping busy with projects that are much needed around here! can you guess what this is?
 I really hate to see my husband up on a ladder.  He once traumatized me and I never will get over it. I suppose I will share that story sometime with you.
 This was his project, a very neat one indeed! Mike actually likes to decorate, he has really good taste, so I let him be.  I will be sharing his latest pick soon!
It is actually this OLD!

Don't forget my Scentsy giveaway!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creativity, copy cats, love and food

Yep, you have it all in blogland! And it's all GOOD!

Thought I would share with you all some neat things I came across this week.

Sugar and Spice in the land of balls and sticks!
She is so cute...and very creative indeed.

Then my friend Sheila from Note songs...well she claims to be a copy cat, or at least admits it.  I think she puts her very own creative spin on it. Check out her very creative wreath
And then there is...

Pam from Design fanatic, that made the cutest little love fortune cookies last year.

Hop on over and say Hi to these gals...you will be glad you did!

And if you are looking for more ways to go green,  and perhaps some new recipes...I have a great blog for you.

Eco friendly homemaking

She can cook
Just look at this delicious pasta dish, all healthy stuff too!
And she can give you home made hair removal tips!

http://ecofriendlyhomemaking.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/11-08-2010-480-300x225.jpg Yes with these key ingredients. I am going to try this for sure!

So you see everywhere you look, you can find what you need, in a click of a button. 
Have a great weekend gals!

NEWBIES see you here Monday, I will have the link up tomorrow night.
Scentsy giveaway....

I have also added another tip and trick under my tutorials, how to create a new header....extremely easy tutorial.

Feel free to grab my button!
That just sounds WRONG! hehe!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Anyone can?

Never has been my thang! My Mom does a little bit..jams, apples, and tomatoes.
I do love to eat fresh canned fruits and veggies!
My friend Cathy's MIL cans, I guess a whole lot. So Cathy was kind enough to share with me.
I have green beans
chow chow ( what is chow chow?) I pretended like I knew
blueberry jam and Pears.
  Cathy told me to take a dab of mayo and fresh cheddar cheese to eat with the pears.  
Have you ever heard of that?

Canning seems like so much work to me. Perhaps I'm just too lazy!
Did I mention I won a giveaway?
Thank you Nana Diana...it is a fabulous Magazine! and I just adore Nana Diana, head on over to meet her if you never have...she is FUN!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I am looking forward to my first ever Newbie Linky party.  I appreciate all the support you gals are giving the new bloggers too.  This really is a group effort! And you girls are certainly helping me along the way.

Don't forget my Scentsy giveaway HERE

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Meet Sweet Terri, Blog feature Friday

Terri from The Beaucoup Joie de Vivre Blog.
Terri is a Louisiana gal, can you tell? I love this wreath she made, so fun and whimsical.

 Here is a little of what Terri has to say about herself.
My passion is decorating with vintage and antique finds on a budget. My second love is scrapbooking all those special family moments for posterity,  I recently set up my very own scrapbooking room. I have three beautiful children, two sons and a daughter. 
 Terri recently is tapping into her inner talents and made a new friend named Molly.
She and Molly are getting along pretty well these days.

Terri has also done  a MAJOR renovation on her bathroom...all on a budget and it looks off the HOOK amazing! 

Hop on over, give Terri a holler, she will be glad you did.
https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEi0yCc4lu8kWURKQfC5vodK_BpttN5xDhURSUdTAmTHVdF58SRIrlMXeZrTf76L_sw6quSQZzmM1ALDz72avaN9QuL9aoCl-BOB1wVfST2x5qiLpmJG5TxtUczNw_Sum-MP7vk_1tnDsTM/s220/100_0478.JPGThese are Terri's sweet Twin grandbabies.
I would love if you hopped on over to say  Hi to TERRI
Thanks gals for popping over.

I am looking forward to the Newbie party on Monday!
Oh and if you have not entered my Scentsy giveaway...GO NOW...you will Love it!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stencil project painting furniture

That's what he said! He meaning the hubster. I said don't worry I am not going to stencil the entertainment center...oh but wait that is a thought.
Not sure if I have ever mentioned that at one time years ago, my dear loving Grandfather lived with Mike and I.  He moved from Buffalo to Florida with us in 1997. I was very close with him, and really could not see my life without him there with me.
Gramp had a small bedroom and needed some new furniture.  We only bought a few pieces and I still have them. They are in great shape, but at this point a little outdated, and the one piece is tucked away in Jack's closet for storage.

The entire time I was doing this piece, I was thinking of my Gramp, he would have loved it, and said that's my Doo's.
He is the one after all that gave me that Debbiedoos nickname you know.
I suppose these pillows were my inspiration, and I never even knew it.
The boys like the new look....and so do I. Lamp is from the 1940's era.
A few other tweaks...as you can see behind the couch, this is a piece we bought years ago at Pier I...it was someplace else in our home, and I will show you soon what we replaced it with.
Duh, forgot to show you the before....I had painted the top and knobs black a few years ago.  I may pick up some fun knobs, if I see some.

This clock was recently moved as well....this was over the couch, with two pics of the boys.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is no easy GIG!

Whewwww....this modeling gig is not easy!
Especially on a dreary miserable day!
I almost passed it up today,but it seems to be a big like for you gals, and I love to make you smile and be happy!
So here it goes.
This outfit is completely OLD...almost all of it, except for the shoes and brown shirt
Sweater is from Macy's bought 10 years ago
Jeans Walmart 6 years ago
Kathy bag, Macy's 8 years ago
The necklace is New, and I love it!
 The flash is on, I know a bit shocking, but like I said bad weather day, poor lighting conditions in the house. The ring I believe my sis gave me, I forget, she will know when she see's it.

Shoes were a Christmas present from my sister, Loves em!
Have a great day girls.
Off to Aldi's to get some groceries...it just opened last week, and I love it!
Wish they had bags though:(
Joining the Pleated poppy for WIWW

Don't forget about my newbie Linky party on Monday....
Calling all newbies, be here!

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My Valentine Mantel and living room

I am loving red!
Works well in this room, I think. I would not want it all year round, but for the month or so, I do enjoy it.

 How about taking some plain pine cones and embellishing a bit with cinnamon candy..looks really cute.
 This smells really good, bad thing is I yearn for a cupcake

 I really love decorating with scrabble

love to you and your loved ones!
Thanks for stopping by, and for your sweet gracious comments.

I will be joining Kim for her Boring to Better Party, because adding red certainly makes it less boring.
And our friend Beth from A to Z for her mantel party.
Marty for table top Tuesday

Calling all Newbies...linky party at my place Monday morning...be here or be square...How lame is that saying? Read all about it HERE

Pet partay has been a huge success. My family and I really enjoyed it. I will be doing another one in the future, details to come.
Some of your links were broken...please tell me if I have not visited you yet. I hit all of them that were working.  Last day to get in on it if you want HERE


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coffee talk Tuesday with Donna from Funky Junk Interiors

 Thanks for having me over, Debbie!

I love the topic of blog growing because I think it's important to understand why you aren't getting the hits you think your wonderful blog deserves. So, here are my top tips on fixing that right up!

~ Making your blog more visitor friendly~

Thorough version on my blog is  HERE

Blogger sets many defaults in place that I KNOW you aren't even aware of. And some of your own personal choices are indeed hurting your blog.

Blog hurts:

  • word verification
  • no email activated through your profile
  • no easy way to contact you
  • music
  • not talking with your readers
  • IDing your emails 
  • busy busy blog backgrounds... ouch! Allow your info to enhance your blog template, not the other way around.
  Would you like to read why I think these things hurt you and how to tweak them?  To date, 156 comments agreed with the info. Check it out HERE

~ How to build a blog growing post ~

Thorough post on my blog  HERE ;

Now that' you've tweaked your blog (heehee), let's work on growing your numbers! I think this one is all about how you're delivering your content. This is my advice.

Are you writing for the reader or the writer?

While some may find it fascinating what you had for breakfast, I can assure you most won't, unless you're doing a post on a day in the life of you. Try to 'teach' something with each post so they're click over is worth their while.

Show only your BEST photos

I know this is just blogging, however showing great photos is my personal #1 reason to follow a blog. If I can see what they're trying to say, or feel the photos are awesome enough to link back up to, I'm in! I only use a point and shoot myself so it can be done. Read my post and it offers you tips.
Offer unique content

We've all played with burlap and painted things white. It's high time you added your own twist in the mix! Make me WANT to see what you're up to next by creating something no one has tried yet.

Balancing photos with text

You know the kind. Too much story to read or not enough info to grasp.  As a busy weekend party host, I read very little. I scan pics first, then I scan text, in that order. Keep it short and simple!

Clear titles

A post simply titled, "Look at this!" is not going to lure me in unless I'm a regular reader already in the know about your kind of content. You can be witty plus add more info. "My crazy junkin' day!" is still clever but offers what I'm about to read.

Write about what you LOVE.

Ultimately the goal here should be that you're attracting readers based on your passion. If you start writing for the sole purpose of others, you'll end up growing an audience based on that info. And then you'll end up finding blogging a chore and you won't be giving it your all. Write what you LOVE and you'll attract the perfect audience for you!

Funky Junk Interiors

My crazy little blog offers lots of blog tips, photography helps, and loads of easy to follow junk style tutorials. Feel free to join the fray and have some fun!

Thank you Donna, this was great!

HEY gals in the meantime, you do not want to miss out on the PET PARTAY! WOW what a huge success, everyone has been so happy getting to see all our furry friends...oh and a few reptiles too.
And if you are new to the blogging community I will be hosting a Newbie linky party over here on Monday...

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